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Thursday, July 10, 2008

We have our 1st HOH!!!!!! (spoiler)

Since many of you won't want to read about this spoiler, I won't post it here on the blog. So instead, if you DO wanna find out who the 1st HOH of Big Brother 10 is, then click here. Otherwise, wait until Sunday to find out & be surprised! :-D

WARNING: Minor Spoilers Below!!

Ok, so the houseguests moved into the BB house yesterday (Weds), an HOH has already been crowned (see above link to find out who), half the house is already on slop, Renny is annoying the HG's, Jessie & Memphis are buddies, and to avoid drama, the new HOH wants to draw names out of a hat for nominations (smart move!).

So there ya have it, up to the minute news about what's going on in the BB house!!

If you want to see all the HG's interview videos, head on over to CBS's YouTube Channel! Personally, I love Jerry and I'm loving Renny's wild-ways. They ALL seem like they're gonna be a force to be reckoned with, though!!! I have VERY high hopes for this season of Big Brother!!!

There's only 3 more days until BB airs on CBS, which means that there is 2 more days to get the live feeds "Early Bird Special"!!! Still don't have the live feeds yet? Get them now at a discount price PLUS 2 Weeks Totally Free!!!!

Early Bird Special

Some of my favorite things on the live feeds is (of course) the naughty stuff, but also seeing friendships forming, chemistry between two people building up, tension rising & eventually exploding into a good fight, and then all the other little misc. things that are hilarious to watch, such as people dancing, farting, tripping over things, flashing the cameras, having convos with us feed viewers via the cameras in the house, and the list goes on and on! But, my ABSOULTE FAVCORITE REASON for getting the feeds is....*drumroll please!*....listening & watching the HG's scheme, plot, plan and manipulate the other HG's!!!!! That is something that happens on a daily basis (sometimes hourly! lol) and it's always highly entertaining!!

I can't WAIT until Sunday!! Not only to see the CBS show, but that's when the live feeds go live, too! :-D

Is it just me, or is this week going by soooo sloowwwwwww?! ARGHH!!!!

Alright BB10 Blog fans, that's it for now but keep checking back to see what's going on in the BB house!

Stay tuned...