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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Wednesday, BB lovers!!

Wow, yesterday was just full of chaos! We had the houseguests photos released, multiple videos, and tons of info that just had me exhausted by the end of the day!! It was a good practice day for me has prepared me for what the next few months will be like! Kind of like a blogging boot camp, if you will. lol

Alright, so let's see where we are at on this Wednesday;

I didn't make the official announcement, but I have mentioned in previous posts, that Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime will be returning again this year! I personally love watching BB After Dark because I get to lounge on my couch and snack away on some popcorn, instead of being a slave to computer. :-P BB After Dark on Showtime starts on July 13th (the same day that Big Brother 10 starts on CBS) at 12am EST.

Next on my list of things to talk about, is the Early Bird Special for the live feeds. Early Bird Special? Whaaa?? The live internet feeds are being offered at $13/month instead of $15/month PLUS you still get a full 14 Days TOTALLY FREE on top of that deal!! So if you KNOW FOR SURE you're going to get the feeds this season, then hurry up and grab this deal because this deal EXPIRES ON JULY 13th!!! Which means, you have to get them on/before July 12th. So hurry up & snag up the deal:

Live Feeds:
Early Bird Special

Moving on..

I would like to thank the Big Brother 10 Blog fans that have donated to the blogs "Tip Jar"! It is so nice to see that I am as appreciated as I appreciate you guys & gals! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! :-D If anyone would like to give a buck or two, please feel free to donate anything you can to the "Tip Jar" on the left side of the blog! :)

Totally off topic, but want to address:
I've been getting SOOOO many emails and comments about if I got married yet, how did it go, etc etc. I was REALLY surprised at you fans remembering AND caring enough to ask! Yes, I am a married woman now! :-D w00t w00t! We got married 2 1/2 weeks ago (June 20th) and we had a great wedding! I uploaded 20 pictures to the blog's myspace page (click the Myspace button on the right side of the blog). Thank you to those how have sent congrats and their warmest wishes!!

Now that the wedding is over (and we're broke because we paid for the wedding ourselves), I'm going to have the time to work EXTRA hard for ya'll this season! That means more videos, more pictures, more screenshots, more more MORE of everything!! And yes, even more surprises! ;-) If you followed last seasons blog, then you already know how much fun I love to have and how I love to get the BB blog fans involved (Easter Egg Hunt, anybody? lol ;-) ) So be prepared to get a ton more updates and cool surprises this season!! :-D

Alright ladies & gents, that's it for now! There's nothing more to report today, just a friendly reminder that this Friday on CBS, Julie Chen gives a FULL tour of the house (the video you saw was just a teaser). I've been hearing rumors of "secret rooms" in the house this season, but of course, has not been confirmed. We shall see on Friday! If you don't catch the Early Show to see the house tour, don't worry, I'll post the video here on the blog!

I'm going to go snoop around & see if there's any info/vids that I need to share with ya'll, so...

Stay tuned...