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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dan & Memphis on Housecalls

At 3pm EST (12pm BBT), Memphis & Dan will be on Houscalls!!!

Here's a pic of them with the host Gretchen waiting for the show to go LIVE!!!

1:01pm BBT:
If you missed housecalls today, CBS will have the video up tomorrow so you can watch it then! :-D

It was a GREAT show!! A couple of callers asked Memphis AND Dan if they had a crush on Keesha: Dan said no and I believed him. Memphis said no, but I didn't believe him. ;-) lol He was blushing but said that he likes her like like a sister. (Mm hmm. lol)

If you're wondering if Keesha & Memphis are friends right now, the answer is no but Memphis REALLY hopes to patch up their friendship soon. Dan told Memphis that they will. They also mentioned how Keesha will eventually see that it was Memphis AND Dan who wanted her out of the house, not just Memphis (which is what Keesha believes right now). So they think that will help repair their friendship.

Catch the full episode of Housecalls tomorrow on!!

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