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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tonight is the FINALE!!!! :-D

Happy FINALE DAY, everybody!!! :-D

The live feeds are officially offline now. I woke up to this message:

Notice the "Watch 24/7 Feed Replay" at the top right corner of the picture? That's what you click to watch BB10 all over again!! :-D Here is what is currently on the replay feeds:

Watch the Re-Feeds Here!!

Okay,'s finally here: the day that the winner of Big Brother 10 is crowned! What a wild, wild ride we've had. I think this season was great! From Dan being a wolf in sheeps clothing (the first half of the game), to Renny's crazy impressions, to all the great fights in the house! It has been a BLAST blogging about this season and I can't wait to do it again for Season 11 which is (rumored) to start the 1st week of February! :-D w00t w00t!

If you haven't done so yet, go & bookmark my BB11 blog:

Big Brother 11 Blog..because you're addicted.

After tonight's Finale, I will posting some related BB10 videos, what happened at the wrap party, and the video of the Gag Reel (which happens every season courtesy of BB), all in the next coming days! So keep checking back here for the latest BB10 news.

I will be streaming the finale LIVE tonight, right here on the blog!! So make sure to come back and watch the show, chat in the chat room, post comments, and enjoy the last day of BB10!

If you have signed up for the feeds through the links here on the blog and/or gave a donation at any point during this season, I want to thank you!! Thank you for supporting the blog! Without you guys & gals, I wouldn't be able to blog at all.

If you have spent the whole season here with me and have not yet supported the blog but want to, you can still do so by hitting the "Donate" button on the left side of the blog!!

Alright ya'll, I'll be back later on to make a few announcements, so as always...

Stay tuned...