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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday in the BB house:

Happy Monday, everybody! :-D

I've been a little busier than normal today, that's why I haven't posted until now. (Trying to buy a house is stressful & time consuming, to say the least.)

Okay, time for an update!! :-D

Today in the day in the house has been rather uneventful. Just convo after convo, blah blah blah. From what the Jury House questions were, to how much they can't wait until the Finale tomorrow.....and frankly, I can't wait either!! :-D 5 days of them being stuck in the house is just brutal, for them & for me to watch. lol

6:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys plan to play their "Olympic Games" tonight, so that should boring to watch. lol Poor guys are bored out of their minds! :-P

On the re-feeds, it is Day 8 (I believe) of the live feeds.

BB10 will be replaying for the next couple of months, so if you're truly addicted like I am, the re-feeds are a good substitute! ;-)

If you sign-up for the TOTALLY FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL (Yes, they're honestly free for 2 weeks straight!) of the re-feeds, you also get to see the last moments of Dan & Memphis in the house. I think tonight will be interesting since it will be their final night to sleep in the house and they'll probably have a really hard time sleeping...I know I would!

I'll be online all night, so keep the comments coming and I'll keep the updates coming towards later on this evening.

6:36pm BBT:
The boys are playing cards at the dinner table. BB told them to not worry about dinner and that perked their ears up a bit. :) Wonder what BB is giving them & when! I'll let ya'll know when they have din-din!

6:49pm BBT:
The boys got SUSHI!!! ..and alot of it! The boys are THRILLED! :-D

Dan: "THANK YOU BIG BROTHER!!! We love you!"
BB: "You're welcome!"
Dan: "This is the best meal we've had in here. Sorry, Renny."
Memphis: "The last supper."
Dan: "That it is."

Stay tuned...