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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Currently at 8:10pm BBT, the boys are eating dinner. They haven't done anything but talk about various things, Keesha & how weird it was that BB never showed a pic of her boyfriend JJ when she won HOH, and how they plan to do a "Olympics" challenge tomorrow that involves playing chess, boccie, a card toss into a hat, rummy, & parking their remote control cars. lol Yes, the boys are that bored! :-P

Memphis: "48 hours and we'll be all done. 48 hours and counting."

Yep, the season will be over that soon! Hard to believe still.

As far as BB11, there is no set date as of yet, but the word on the street is that it will begin early Feb. of 2009! :-D Of course I'll keep ya'll updated on the BB11 Blog (link is at the top left corner of the blog), so make sure to bookmark that and keep checking back.

I didn't catch tonight's show because I wasn't home yet and I came home to discover that BB was about 50 mins delayed. Grr!! :-( I'll have to watch it over at tomorrow (I'll post the video tomorrow when CBS uploads it for ya'll that missed the show as well!)

I'll be back online tomorrow with another update on the latest news, so check back then! :-D Until then, goodnight guys & dolls!!

PS: I would like to wish my grandmother (who is a fan of the blog) and my grandfather (who doesn't like BB at all lol) a very Happy Grandparents Day..yes, I know, I'm like a week late. lol But I love you guys very much & I promise to fly back home to visit real soon! :) XOXOXO!

Stay tuned...