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Friday, September 12, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening everyone! Hopefully your Friday afternoon was well. :)

8:45pm BBT:
The boys are preparing for their Jury House Q&A tonight.

Memphis & Dan ironed their shirts: Dan will wear a pink button down shirt, Memphis will be wearing a teal button downed shirt.

During tonight's Q&A, the Jury House members will be able to see Dan & Memphis, but the boys won't be able to see them.

The boys talked about who they think will give them the most difficult question(s) and they both agree that it will be Keesha.

Memphis: "They're all gonna have riffles, it's just a matter of who's gonna have the bullet."

Dan: (to BB) "Big Brother, can we get some alcohol in here tonight after the questions? We're gonna need it."

8:51pm BBT:
Dan is currently laying down in the Spa Room, looking to be in deep thought.

Memphis is doing the same thing in the 60's room, also looking to be deep in thought.

8:56pm BBT:
All feeds are on TRIVIA!! :-D The Renegades are getting drilled with questions from each Jury House member.

**Note: BB: After Dark on Showtime was pre-recorded from this afternoon. It will return to being Live tomorrow night. :)

11:56pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

Stay tuned...