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Saturday, September 13, 2008

After the Jury House Q & A's

At 12:05am BBT, the feeds came back.

There's no sign of Memphis yet (Diary Room, perhaps?), but Dan is in the kitchen pacing back & forth like a crazy man!!!

Doesn't look like it went well for Dan at all, he's very nervous. Pacing, drinking his beer, and mumbling to himself as he walks to the Memory Wall and then walks away. He's damn near speed-walking around the dinning area/kitchen and has been since the feeds came back.

Dan: "If I don't get Renny's vote, I cannot win."

[Still pacing...]

Dan: "[Memphis] has to get either Ollie or April, he has to get one of the two and he never said a word to them."

12:17am BBT:
Memphis comes out of hte Diary Room and tells Dan there's 4 more beers in the Storage Room for them.

Dan goes to the Diary Room, Memphis (with the 4 beers) heads to the kitchen & burps. lol He doesn't seem nervous at all, kinda happy actually.

12:25am BBT:
Memphis is now eating in the kitchen area, waiting on Dan to come out of the D.R.

Memphis is now finished eating and moved to the living room couch, still waiting for Dan.

12:40am BBT:
Dan is out of the Diary Room and Dan starts to play a game with Memphis...

Dan: "If you could pick ANY female from the Memory Wall to take on a private island, who would it be?"

Memphis: "I'm not playing this game, Dan!! Ashley is probably watching."
Dan: "No she's not, she's sleeping dude. So anyways, who would you take?"
Memphis: "How about..nobody! Ok?" (blushing)

**Oh, I think we ALL know who he'd take. ;-)

Memphis starts talking about Keesha..
Memphis: (mocking her voice from tonight) "So I was a part of your business plan??"
Dan laughs.

Memphis: "What I don't get is, how did Keesha NOT know that I was going to take you to the end? I mean, come on."

Dan: "I think she'll forgive you, though."

Talk then turns to Jerry. They boys both said that he was PISSED tonight. They both agree that they have no clue who he will vote for and they think it's truly a toss-up at this point.


Dan is still teasing Memphis about Keesha. (It is VERY clear to me now that he sees how much Memphis is crushing on her and he's toying with him. lol)

Dan: "Dude, remember when me and you were in the storage room talking about how upset Keesha was at you? And you were like 'I don't care'. You really didn't!"

Memphis: "I didn't feel bad of DOING it, let's get it straight right now Dan..I didn't feel bad pullin' the trigger [on Keesha]. It's like having to fire somebody. Like firing your best friend. But I DO feel bad, you know? I feel bad that she is a friend."

Meanwhile, Dan is taking Memphis' key and putting it in Keesha's slot. This has been a game all day long where they'll place each others keys in different slots and say "Oh, you're in [name] now!" Memphis did it to Dan just a little bit ago but placing Dan's key in Jerry's slot. lol

Memphis: "STOP IT!!"
Dan: (in a Keesha voice) "OHHHH MEMPHISS!! hehehe"
Memphis: (blushing/giggling) "Dude..[giggles] you gotta f**kin' stop."
Dan: "Why? Ashley's not watching!!! We're not even live right now."
Memphis: "It doesn't matter!! [smiling] She's gonna smack the shit outta you when she sees you."

Talk the turns to Keesha's breasts.

Memphis: "I'd have to see papers [saying her boobs aren't real]."
Dan: "Dude, when she would lay down..[they looked natural]. They were nice!"
Memphis: "That they were. I agree!"
Dan: "Dude, she'll forgive you."
Memphis: "I'll have to buy her a damn goldfish or something to make it up to her."
Dan: "She still likes you, she's just mad at you. She'll forgive you!"

Either Dan is buzzed or he's drunk, not sure. lol But he's being hilarious. In between regualar convo, he'll bring up questions like "If you were single, who in the house.." LOLLLL

Memphis (obviously) now knows about Dan's trip with Michelle to the beach, and they both know that Renny owns her own Hair Salon. Dan tells Memphis that he has his own website creations website on the side that he does during his 3 months off of teaching every year.

Talk turns to about when they [Dan/Memphis] start their clothing company, Dan will make and run the website. They're going into details now about hosting, etc etc.

2:04am BBT:
The boys are getting changed for bed and they're calling it a night. I am too (it's after 4am my time.)

See ya'll in the morning..or early afternoon. lol ;-)

Stay tuned...

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