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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Gooood afternoon, ya'll! :-D

The boys just woke up a little bit ago (12:45pm BBT). Big Brother let them sleep in since they were up until after 2am this morning.

Dan & Memphis are outside on the backyard couch talking about the votes, money, and what they wanna buy. Memphis said that he's gonna buy a MAC laptop for him & Ashley. Dan says that he has a Dell laptop at home.

Talk turns to cars & etc. Guy talk. :)

Also, don't forget to cast your vote for America's Choice!! The winner will be announced on Finale night (this Tuesday) and the winner will recieve a cool $25,000! I originally wanted Renny to win it, but the more I thought about it and read comments and put myself in Keessha's shoes, the more I think that Keesha deserves it above anybody else. She's just starting out in life and she REALLY played the game hard and was not afraid to express her thoughts/feelings and switch up her game when she needed to.


I'll be online for most of the day working on 2 new "things" that I will soon announce right here on the blog before (or on) Finale night. So stick around to see what I'm up to now. ;-)

1:17pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis still on the backyard couch talking about Keesha (surprise, surprise.) Memphis is talking about how Keesha said she wanted to buy a designer purse when she got out of the house and Memphis said that might not be a smart move.

Memphis: "Those (Louis Vuitton) purses are ugly anyways. Not sure why she'd want one of those."

1:39pm BBT:
Memphis & Dan are now in the kitchen area, talking about various topics (coffee shops, magazines, etc etc).

2:04pm BBT:
BB gave the boys 2 remote control cars to play with. The only problem is that Dan's remote is sometimes interfering with Memphis' car. lol

8:38pm BBT:
The boys have been sleeping/eating off & on all day long. Enjoying their time in an empty house and finally getting some well deserved rest. :)

Stay tuned...