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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp

Here we gooooo!!!!! :-D

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The feeds are still on trivia, should be back in about 5 mins, so hurry up & get the feeds in the meantime!

Feeds are on...


6:11pm BBT:

6:17pm BBT:

Dan: (to himself) "Watch the nose of the the nooosee of the pllanne."

OOO!!!! Listen to this..

Dan: "You know what I tell all my football players? If it ain't rough, it aint right. So guess what Memphis, you're in for LOOONNNGG night!"

Dan: *sreaming* "Yaaa...YEAHHH!!!!!!!"

6:30pm BBT:
The wind machine is kicking on again, and some bouncing of the planes (aka turbulence).

Dan: "Focus on the nose...focus on the nose. [pause] Focus on the nose."

6:35pm BBT:


Winner of Final HOH Round 1:


Memphis TOTALLY threw that comp.

Stay tuned...

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