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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Live Show:

Gooooood Evening, everybody!! :-D

Okay, so who is really excited for BB to start? I know I am! I'm REALLLLLY hoping that Memphis decides to evict Jerry instead of Keesha, but that's just me. Do you think Memphis will keep Keesha and that's why he wasn't "allowed" to tell Keesha that she's going home? Could it be that he plans to take her to the Final 3 and BB just didn't want us feed viewers to know? Hmm!! So many theories, so little time..before the live show starts! ;-) hehe

Tonight's show will go like this:
*They'll show the POV Comp
*The Veto Ceremony will take place (live)
*Memphis will evict either Jerry or Keesha
*HG will leave
*Final 3 will start the Endurance Comp!!!

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The endurance comp can last anywhere from 1 hour to 8+ hours, are you ready?!! I sure the hell am!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!! :-D

[Hope ya'll enjoyed watching the live show right here on the blog!]

8:05pm EST:
They're showing what happened after Nominations..Dan/Memphis' plan to cover their Renegade tracks. This is pre-POV comp. Showing Jerry talking to Memphis "Don't play me for a fool, that's all I ask." Memphis saying it's them to the end, etc etc.

Up next, the POV Comp & Michelle/Dan's trip.

*Commerical & 8:08pm EST*

Back @ 8:11pm EST.

Showing the whole trip with Michelle thing.
Dan did a good job at trying to get Michelle's vote, not sure if it worked though. She seemed like she enjoyed the trip and they had a good time but a vote? Hmm. We'll see I guess.

*Commerical & 8:17pm EST*

Showing the Veto Comp: Dan said that he threw the POV comp so that if Memphis won, the "blood" would be on Memphis' hands (and not Dans). He could see that Memphis was almost done, so he let Memphis win.

Evicted from the BB house is:


Dan whispered to Keesha that he took Michelle on his trip.

Stay tuned...