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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Live Show starts @ 8pm EST:

1:50pm BBT
Spa Room

Memphis has been in the spa room for awhile now by himself.
Dan walks in and they talk about the endurance comp that will happen in a few hours.

Memphis: "We code word. We need to talk about football. If I start talking about taking the longest pass...[then I'm in trouble]"
Dan: "If I start talking about the Lions (football team), then I'm in trouble."

They both leave the Spa Room and go their separate ways.
And with that, I'm getting offline for the next few hours until the Live Show starts!! It's gonna be an interesting sure, that's for sure.

Also, tonight is the FINAL ENDURANCE COMP OF THE SEASON!!! Part 1 of the Final HOH will be endurance and it starts about 10 minutes before the live show is over. But if you're a feed watcher, then you'll be able to see the whole thing. ;-) Remember Season 8 when Dick & Zach competed for like 8 hours in the endurance comp?? Well, that might very well be tonight as well!! Of course I will be here reporting it all, but since I could be pulling an all-nighter, I'm gonna have to take care of a few things offline.

I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO GET THE FEEDS TONIGHT!! You get 14 days totally free with no strings attached.

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At 2:08pm BBT, the feeds switched to trivia!! :-D

..and that's my cue to get offline. I'll be back 1 hour before the live show starts!! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...