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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB house:

Goood morning!!! ..or afternoon (depending on where you are). I didn't even start my coffee yet and it's almost 1pm. Ughh..damn houseguests keeping me (and many other BB fans) up all night.

Okay, real quickly, I want to get ya'll caught up for what is in store today:

Today is the Live Show at 8pm EST (normally 9pm, so don't forget the special time!). Tonight we will see the LIVE POV Ceremony and 1 houseguest will be evicted, bringing the Final 4 down to the Final 3.

Immediately after the eviction, the Final 3 will then head outside and start the ENDURANCE COMP!!!! :-D For ya'll that don't know, I LIVE to watch Endurance Comps on the feeds. ;-) There's nothing else like it! It's suspenseful for HOURS UPON HOURS!!!

You'll definitely want to get yourself the 14 Days Free/No Strings Attached Live Internet Feeds tonight!!! Don't say that I didn't warn ya! ;-)

BB woke up the houseguests at 10am BBT. The tension in the house is still very much there. Keesha is staying away from Memphis and hiding out in the Spa Room, as Memphis sits reading the Bible in the living room.

10:57am BBT:

10:58pm BBT:
Spa Room

Keesha was telling more trivia stuff to Dan. Talk turns to Keesha (once again) saying how "craaazzyyy" it will be to see people again.

11:03am BBT:

HG's are on HOH lockdown (typical live show day procedure).

Memphis won't even look towards Keesha.

Keesha is listening to Dan's CD on the HOH bed and she's crying a little bit and sniffling. Could explain why Memphis looks sad..

11:10am BBT:

Memphis gets out of the line of fire (from Keesha's stares) and decides to chill on the floor instead.

11:36am BBT:
Keesha is still sniffling as she listens to Dan's CD. Dan is resting (but awake) and Jerry is sleeping upright in a chair. Memphis is awake and still on the floor.

*Keesha sneezes*
Dan: "Bless you."
Keesha: (giggles) "Thanks." (sniffles)

11:54pm BBT:
Memphis sits back in chair, looks at Keesha a couple of times and then looks back at the fish tank. Keesha keeps looking over at Memphis as she continues to listen to Dan's CD. (You could cut the tension in that room with a knife!)

12:05pm BBT:
HOH Lockdown is now over.

Keesha heads to the kitchen to get some coffee.

Then she goes into her room to finish packing.

Dan is eating cereal at the kitchen counter. 5 minutes later, he's done.
Jerry is walking around the house aimlessly.
Memphis is cleaning the bathroom.

12:13pm BBT:
Dan walked into the bathroom where Memphis was (cleaning). They are both now cleaning the bathroom. No words have been exchanged yet.

12:23pm BBT:
Keesha is crying a little bit as she packs her suitcase (sniffling & loud sighs can be heard).

12:37pm BBT:
Dan went and checked on Keesha.

Dan: "Hey. How ya doin?"
Keesha: "Okay.." (sniffles)
Dan: "Do you need any help with anything?"
Keesha: "No, but thank you."

Dan tells Keesha that he'll be upstairs in the HOH room if she wants to chill up there when she's done packing.

Dan goes into the kitchen next.
Dan: "Did you do your fake dusting yet?"
Memphis: "No, I didn't even start my fake dusting yet."
Dan: "Screw it, I'm not cleaning the showers. I did the toliet, though. Hey, I'll be up in the HOH room."
Memphis: "Okay."

Dan goes to the HOH room.

Jerry is cleaning, Memphis is cleaning various things in the kitchen area, Keesha still packing. I have yet to see Jerry pack (not sure if he did yet or not, but I haven't seen it.)

12:40pm BBT:
Memphis starts fake dusting.

He just walked around and flicked the duster on whatever it would hit. lol He even dusted a plant that he walked by. Rather funny to watch. lol :-P

And here's a rare glimpse of the toliet area (I haven't seen it since last season):

12:50pm BBT:
Current look at the feeds:
Keessha is crying. Memphis is in the Spa Room. Jerry is moping the kitchen floors.

1:03pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha saying that she's sad and it sucks that she can't stop crying, but she's excited that she'll be able to see Renny..she misses her alot. Talk turns to her dog Gizmo (or Gizzy, as she sometimes says).

Keesha's telling Dan that he better win the Final HOH. She wants to see him sitting there in the Final 2.

1:26pm BBT:
Keesha is having a positive attitude about leaving. She said that she had a blast and playing Hide N Seek, etc. She said she had fun and is excited to see the jury house and what it's like. She wonders where the jury house is and Dan said it's probably in Hollywood Hills somewhere.

Stay tuned...


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