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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"I know I'm going home!" (Overnight Report)

The title says it all!! Last night, the live feeds were on FIRE!!!!

8:03pm BBT:
Memphis was quiet all afternoon and into the night. He was clearly upset that BB wasn't letting him tell/warn Keesha that she's getting evicted next. He wasn't acting like himself and always looked like he was in deep thought.

8:43pm BBT:
Spa Room

Keesha was doing her toenails when out of nowhere, she said..

Keesha: ""Those f*ckers are going to evict me, I know it."

This is the start to the whole evening, guys!!

8:49pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dan & Memphis were in the HOH room. Memphis was telling Dan how he felt sorry for not being able to tell Keesha that she's getting the boot this week. Then they start quizzing each other on facts & such.

Memphis: (looking at Spy Screen) "Here comes Keesha.."

Keesha enters.

Keesha: "Are you guys going to evict me? Is that why Jerry is so quiet?"

The boys deny it, Keesha calls them out by saying she can tell that they're lying and that Memphis' face is turning red and how well she knows Memphis enough to know that he's lying to her.

Keesha says it doesn't make sense why Jerry has been so quiet & not acting worried.

Keesha: "If you guys are like not telling me, dude that's just really shady. You are aren't you"
Memphis: "I'm not" as he laughs
Keesha: "You are! I can tell with you...lately you are so quiet.. everytime I talk about it, you avoid the whole subject!"
Memphis: (nervous giggling) "I gotta get some more water. I'll be back."

Memphis leaves the room and heads downstairs goes straight into the Diary Room (uninvited).

Keesha: (to Dan) "I'm not f***ing stupid, I didn't get this far without knowing how to read people! Theres no reason for him to keep me here, I'm too big of a threat to him.! He sees the way I am with you (Dan). He is probably thinking Jerry is more of a safer bet to him."

9:14pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Keesha: "There's nothing I can do about it now."
Dan: "If that's how you feel, there's always something you can do."
Keesha: "No there isn't! I know Memphis...when he makes up his mind, it's done! If he sends me out, he will NOT get my f**king vote!!"

Keesha leaves & goes downstairs.

Dan: (to himself while watching the HOH Spy Screen) "Oh shit. It's about to hit the fan."

Keesha is trying to find Memphis to confront him.

Memphis comes out of the Diary Room and tells Dan he STILL can't "tell her" anything. He's only allowed to say "I'm sorry."

9:19pm BBT:
Spa Room

Keesha was doing her toenails (still) when Memphis came in.

Keesha: "You are, aren't you?!!"

**This is the point in the night that BB fans all over the world could be heard SCREAMING at Big Brother for blocking the feeds!! I got up and ran into the Living Room to see what was on Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime.

Memphis: "All I can say is, I'm sorry."

Keesha starts crying & yelling at both Memphis & Dan and asking Dan how long did he know that she was going home.

9:24pm BBT:
Living Room

Keesha: (going off) "Don't look at me like I'm crazy! I wish somebody would f*ing say something to me!! How long have you known, Dan? Huh? Do you guys really have something with Jerry? How can you keep Jerry over me???! Oh my God. I stuck thorugh all of this for NOTHING!!!!!"

Keesha: (yelling) "I backed you two up! And I'm paying for it!?!! Michelle tried to tell me that the three of you had something and I didn't listen to her. Don't just sit there and not say something to me!!! How long have you known, Dan?"

Dan and Memphis just sit and listen to Keesha going off.

Keesha goes to the Spa Room to (try) to do her toenails, then goes into the bathroom to wipe tears away/blow nose/wash face.

9:34pm BBT:
Living Room

Dan asked Memphis if he should throw [Memphis] 'under the bus' to Keesha. Memphis said "Ya, go ahead. She hates me anyways."

Memphis "I'm going to tell Jerry that you're pissed off at me."

It's their plan to take suspicion off of the "Renegades" to Jerry. They're covering their tracks.

9:33pm BBT:
Punk Room (aka "Doom Room"/80's Room)

Memphis tells Jerry that Dan is pissed at him. (covering the Renegade tracks)


9:34pm BBT:
Spa Room

Dan is listening to Keesha go off about Memphis, and shortly after, starts talking shit on Memphis (as him and Memphis agreed on).

Keesha: "Jerry is gonna win this thing! He's gonna win. Hm. Good for him! At least he was smart about it."

They move up to the HOH room.

[Is your head spinning yet? LOL]

Dan & Keesha are trying to figure out when Memphis changed his mind & decided to get Keesha out this week (instead of Jerry). Dan REALLY played the part of being her friend (which I'm sure he is 100% geniune about anyways) and being on Keesha's side and agreeing with everything.

Dan: "I was trying to tell Memphis that Jerry's neck injury was fake. I go away for a day and come back and Memphis told me that he changed his mind and wanted you out. I didn't tell you because I was still working on getting you to stay and getting Jerry out. What the hell has Jerry done in this game?? Nothing!"

[During all of this, Memphis was sitting downstairs on the living room couch looking upset.]

Keesha: (about Memphis, to Dan) "And he's telling me 'Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry'. Well, f**k YOU Memphis!! F**k you! I f**king knew something was up when I realized that Jerry has been in a good mood the whole f**king week! Singing and whistling, and being buddy-buddy with Memphis. The WHOLE GAME, Jerry f**king HATED Memphis!!! And now they're best friends? That's what tipped me off!! Then [Memphis] started to act different and being really quiet. I f**king knew it. I knew it!"

Dan does alot of listening. He looks seriously sad for Keesha.

Keesha goes on to tell Dan that she hopes he wins and that she will do EVERYTHING to make sure that Memphis doesn't win the money when she gets to the Jury House and that she'll do everything possible to get the 4 votes for Dan.

Keesha: "You better win this thing, Dan!! Kick ass tomorrow! You're a small guy and that's what helps in endurance comps."

Keesha goes off on how shitty of a person Jerry is and all the crap he's pulled in the house and he's STILL in the house regardless and he's going to be in the Final 3. She thinks that's pretty shitty.

10:21pm BBT:
Current look at the feeds...

11:01pm BBT:
Storage Room

Memphis was laying down (in his ORIGINAL bed in the 50's room..not the 60's room where he's been for the past month with Keesha) when Dan came and got him for a second.

Dan used the excuse that he would go grab Keesha's night clothes (sweats & tank top) for her and that she could sleep in the HOH room.

Anyways, so Dan grabs Memphis and pulls him into the Storage Room for about a minute.

Memphis was nervously giggling, as Dan looked seriously sad for Keesha.

Dan: "I didn't tell her about the Renegades, but... go put on your mic."
(Memphis grabs his mic)
Dan: "I told her that you & Jerry have a deal together."
*Memphis laughs*
Memphis: "I don't even really care.." (he clearly did, though.)

They both leave the Storage Room.

11:03pm BBT:

Keesha goes and grabs some clothes and soap from her bedroom and then waits for Dan in the kitchen area.

Knowing that Keesha was sleeping in the HOH room, Memphis decides to sleep in his bed in the 60's room.

Shortly after, Keesha walked in the room to grab something and Memphis rolled over & faced the wall. They didn't speak a word to each other. The tension was unreal (hell, I felt here at the computer!! lol)

11:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dan took his shower... Keesha realized that she just lost $500,000.

When Dan got out of the shower, he told Keesha he wanted to tell her something. So he used a couple of props to show her that (basically) it wasn't his call to kick her out this week and that if it WAS up to him, he would keep her..but because he worked with a few people (one of them clearly being Memphis, but without actually saying ANY names..only using props for "faces"), that he had to go along with it.

Keesha understood.

12:41am BBT:
Keesha & Dan are still talking (basically just re-saying everything from earlier).

Dan & Keesha finally went to bed around 1:30am BBT, with a HUGE stack of pillows in the middle of the bed making sure they were seperated all night. lol

After the dust settled, it now seems that Memphis might have just lost the game regardless of how well he does in the Final HOH Comps. He might win $50,000, but I think that's about it. He REALLY pissed off Keesha, who will then tell Renny and there's already 2 votes against Memphis. I don't know, I guess we'll see what happens, but if it's Memphis & Dan in the Final 2, it's gonna be REAL CLOSE with the votes!!!!

This might be one the best Final HOH's I've ever seen!!

And this concludes your VERY LONG Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...

PS It's 4am here where I live and I'm going to go to bed now. I'll be back on after I have some coffee brewed and a cold shower to wake me up! lol :-P So if I'm late by an hour, you'll know why.


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