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Monday, September 8, 2008

Mid-Afternoon in the BB house:

2:53pm BBT:
Outside the HOH Room

Memphis tells Dan that BB won't let him tell Keesha that she's going home.

Memphis: "I can't tell [Keesha]. 'They' won't let me."
Dan: "What, you asked them?"
Memphis: "No, they told me. I didn't ask.."
Dan: "Shut up..."
Memphis: "I know.."
Dan: "Dude, you're lying.."
Memphis: "I swear to God..I swear that's what they just said."

Then Memphis told Dan that he tried to get Jerry's money and he wouldn't budge.

The HG's were on HOH lockdown for a little bit and when the feeds came back (at 3:13pm BBT), the couchs in the living room were perfectly lined up (camera-ready, as I like to call them) with pillows perfectly in place. Memphis tells Jerry that maybe they're going to be doing another appearance on the Craig Ferguson show.

3:28pm BBT:
Memphis walked to the 60's room and layed down in his bed, looking like he was thinking. A couple of minutes later, he got up and went into the Diary Room (uninvited) and came out a minute later. (Wonder what he asked them.)

Jerry, obviously bored, made up a game to play and when Memphis came out of the D.R., he joined Jerry for about a minute and then went back into his bed to lay down again.

3:50pm BBT:

BB: "Memphis, please go to the Diary Room."

Memphis comes out and lays back down again.

...and with that, I'm out! ;-)

Stay tuned...


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