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Monday, September 8, 2008

Early Afternoon in the BB house:

Good afternoon, ya'll!! Sorry for the late start today. Last night was probably the most boring night on Showtime's After Dark, ever! lol Everybody but Jerry was in bed an hour before the show was even done. Blah.

Buuuuttt....tomorrow is when the game shifts into HIGH GEAR!!!! :-D Tomorrow is the live show at a NEW time (8pm EST).

At 12:33pm BBT, Jerry & Memphis were talking about why they're on lockdown and they've all been told that tomorrow is the live show day, so they just figured it out: tomorrow is Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp and Jerry tells Memphis "It's endurance."

And so it begins!! ;-)

Alright, just to get ya'll caught up real quick..

Dan got his HOH camera and took some pics:

12:24pm BBT:
Since they all know that tomorrow is a live eviction, Memphis sees that he has very little time to try to swindle Jerry's $4,000 from him.

Memphis asked Jerry for his $4,000 "as collateral" so he doesn't screw him at the end. Jerry says no way, he's not giving him the money. That $4,000 is for his grandkids. Memphis tells him he's afraid he can't trust him to make it to the end. Jerry argued with him.

Jerry: "Do what you have to do, but I'm NOT giving you the money!"

Jerry told Memphis that he can trust him & that he won't break his word to him. Jerry swore on his family & his children he will never ever break his word to Memphis, and Memphis says okay.

So the attempt to get Jerry's money was highly unsuccessful.

12:27pm BBT:
Jerry & Memphis go into the kitchen and start to go over quotes and such together.

1:01pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha keeps complaining that they're gonna be locked in all day and keeps saying "It's craaazy!!"

Personally, I can't take much more of Keesha's complaining. She's been non-stop complaining for about 2+ weeks now and she's not even trying to fight to stay in the house and she is ALWAYS saying how badly she wants out. Might be an advantage to take Keesha to the F3...I don't think she really cares anymore, almost like she's lost sight of why she's there and is freaking out about being stuck in the house.

Earlier this afternoon, Keesha asked Memphis if she was staying this week and he told her yes. I wonder if the boys will change their mind and keep her, or just tell Keesha last minute that she's going home (like they've been planning to do).

Stay tuned...


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