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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After the Endurance Comp: (pics)

I think Memphis threw it, but won't know for sure until the boys have a chance to talk later on without Jerry being around. But when Memphis walked back into the house, he did a little jig for a second, so I'm guessing he threw it.

Tomorrow it will be Memphis VS Jerry in the Physical Comp.

6:54pm BBT:

They both whispered & smiled at each other, but couldn't make out what they were saying (the water was much louder than their whispers).

7:14pm BBT:
60's Room

Both were laughing, couldn't hear any convo (not sure if there was any). Then Memphis hurried up and put on a pissed off face (for Jerry) as he left the bedroom.

7:17pm BBT:

Dan is laying down in Keesha's old bed, looks to be in deep thought.

7:25pm BBT:
60's Room

Memphis walks in and him and Dan laugh together.

Dan: "Get [Jerry] to throw tomorrows comp."
Memphis: "What?" (he didn't hear him)
Dan: "Get him to throw it."

7:48pm BBT:
Memphis & Dan are still pretending to be mad at each other, so they can't be seen by Jerry talking or being in the same room together.

8:00pm BBT:
Jerry gets called into the Diary Room, Memphis & Dan use the time to talk:

Dan: "Don't over indulge (overacting being pissed off). Hey, I called you out (during the comp) on that wind breaker."
(Both Laugh)
Memphis: "Tomorrow, dude."
Dan: "Get [Jerry] to throw it, its a done deal. Don't worry about it."
Memphis: "Then we're gonna have to flip to see who sends him home."
Dan: "Ya. You saw what happens when you send someone out of this house
Memphis: "What did you ask Keesha when she walked out the door?"
Dan: "I asked her to ask Renny about her vote, because it was up in the air."
Memphis: "Oooo.."
Dan: "Ya, & there's no way I'll get [Jerry's] vote."

They start talking about tomorrows Physical Comp that will be Memphis VS Jerry.

Dan: "If it's something I can't watch, come out with a red bandana. If you win, wear the red one."
Dan: "Jerry said 'We'll talk about what we're gonna do'? Thats what he told you?"
Memphis: "Ya. No f**king way, dude!"
Dan: "We gotta come up with some bullshit story that you know what the 3rd [comp] is gonna be."
Memphis: "We set ourselves up. I don't think I need to say shit."
Dan: "I'll be freaking out if I have to go against him in the 3rd heat, dude."
Memphis: "We'll be like, "get the f**k outta here, dude!"
Dan: "He folded it like a house of cards on the endurance. I could've been up there for more than an hour. [Big Brother] couldn't of run that at night..there was no lights."

8:49pm BBT:
This is what's been on the feeds for like 45 mins now. lol

Dan is in the Diary Room.

So, Memphis & Dan can't talk (around Jerry), and Memphis can't stand Jerry but has to act like he does..oh boy, this is gonna be a fun 12+ hours. LOL Hopefully Jerry will pass out early and the boys can start talking again.

Stay tuned...


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