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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winner of Part 2 HOH is:

FEEDS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner of Part 2 is:


Jerry: "Oh well, I'm done. I don't have to do anything anymore. I think you 2 will fight it out tomorrow."

All 3 of them are in the kitchen talking about how good Jerry did in the game and he's been through so much and got so far.

Jerry is laughing at himself because it took him over 50 minutes to complete the comp.

Memphis is trying his best to bottle his excitment, Dan too. Looks like they're holding it for respect of Jerry but I bet the first second they have to themselves, they'll be dancing the jig of glee!! lol

6:04pm BBT:
I was right!!! :-D The minute Jerry walked away to get something from the Storage Room, Dan started to jump up & down!

Memphis smiled, but didn't jump or celebrate because Jerry started to come back towards the kitchen.

6:10pm BBT:
Storage Room

They do a little celebrating real quick and then make a deal...

Dan: "You bit the bullet for Keesha [by evicting her]. If you vote Jerry're not getting his vote, know what I mean? I'll trade 1 for 1 on that."

Memphis: (smiling from ear to ear) "Can you believe this shit?"

Memphis: "Our bank accounts are gonna be like..(whoa!)"

6:28pm BBT:
Memphis is sitting on the couch alone. Thinking.

(I hope he sells that hat on ebay, I want it! LOL)

6:38pm BBT:
All 3 are cooking dinner and are about to eat.

Okay, so Dan said that he'd evict Jerry because Memphis evicted Keesha. So if Memphis throws the comp and Dan wins, Dan has the power to choose who he wants to take with him to the Final 2. He could EASILY f**k Memphis over and take Jerry. Will he? Who knows!! But this is the best Final 3 that I've ever seen! You can't predict who the Final 2 will be and Dan is totally unpredicatable...he's a pro at getting ahead in the game and getting what he wants. Tomorrow is gonna be freakin' insane on the live show!

6:55p,m BBT:
If you have the feeds, check out Steven & Brian chatting LIVE on Feed 4!! :-D

If you don't have the feeds, Get'em Here!!

Stay tuned...

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