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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

2:53pm BBT:
The theme from "Rocky" was played over the loudspeaker and then Dan shouted "Mike O.!!" (the guy who does all the comps. If you have the feeds, then you've heard him before.)

The feeds switched to fishies a second later, but still no trivia (yet).

Part 2 of the HOH is most likely going on right now!!! :-D

Who will win: Memphis or Jerry?

Considering that Jerry was helping Memphis out with trivia stuff 5 minutes before the feeds switched to fishies, I'd put my money on Memphis. Plus Dan has been drilling him every chance he could get. And Memphis is faster & stronger than Jerry.
But then again, Memphis' nerves were getting to him and you know how people act when their nervous: their minds go blank, etc.

While we wait, watch last night's Craig Ferguson show (it was taped on Monday).

Stay tuned...


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