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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday in the BB house: (updated)

Good afternoon, ya'll!! :-D Sorry for the late start today (had to tend to some non-BB stuff this morning).

The good news is that I didn't miss anything this morning. lol

Dan & Memphis are still pretending to hate each other until after the Physical Comp today (which is Part 2 of 3 of the Final HOH comps).

I'll be back in about 30 mins, I'm watching Housecalls with Keesha!! :-D

12:43pm BBT: Housecalls is now over.

It was nice to see Keesha again after being evicted yesterday. I was anxious to see where her head is at on different things. So in case you missed it, here's some highlights:

*Keesha wants to see her dog, Gizmo, more than anything/anybody. JJ was 2nd on her list. lol

*A fan asked (via email) if she was attracted to Memphis, and she said "No, he's too young for me." What does age have to do with the question? ;-)

*She would LOVE to do All-Stars, and she would love to take Renny with her.

*Keesha still has no ideas why the word "HOT" was on the rubber cow (not duck!!) that Dan gave her. She said she racked her brain and cannot think of anything, except the only obvious guess..that Dan thinks she's hot.

*Keesha hinted towards getting Dan all the votes she can. She still wants him to win and she will do everything she can in the Jury House. "My game isn't over, yet!"

*When asked who in the house she would hang out with after the show is over, she said Renny & Dan. (No talk of Memphis).

*Keesha is done working as a Hooters girl, but still wants to work within the company, but just higher-up (like a management position).

Currently on the feeds:

12:54pm BBT:
Jerry is in his bed sleeping.
Dan is resting in the Spa Room.
Memphis is laying on his bed, he looks nervous about today's comp.

As soon as the Physical Comp is over today, all will be back to normal as far as Dan & Memphis talking. Right now, they're putting on an act for Jerry to throw him off of their alliance.

I can't WAIT to see Jerry's reaction when the boys pull out their red bandannas and do their Renegades handshake in front of him! :-D Jerry is gonna be pissed..then sad...then even more pissed...then he'll probably yell at Memphis for "playing him" and then he'll go take a nap, I'm sure. Hahaha! ;-)

The only question is: will that happen today? If Memphis wins this comp, then yes.

By the way, someone left a comment this morning about something I've been thinking about as well and wanted to bring it up to see what ya'll think:

Do you think that Memphis or Dan would get rid of each other, so that they'd have a better chance at winning against Jerry?? I'm finding it hard to believe that Memphis isn't seeing Dan using him as a puppet. Memphis is too smart (or am I giving him too much credit?)

What are your thoughts??

1:36pm BBT:
Memphis is freaking out!

He gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom. On his way, he tells Dan (who is at the kitchen table)...

Memphis: (quiet voice) "I'm driving myself insane!!"

..and he continues to walk to the bathroom. After he's done, he went back into the bedroom to lay back down.

Memphis: (outloud) "UGHH!!!!!!!!" (sounds very frustrated)

His nerves are totally getting to him about today's comp.

2:10pm BBT:
Jerry is in the Diary Room.

Dan opened the door to the 60's room where Memphis (finally) was sleeping and starts quizzing him on who won HOH's and POV's.

Dan: "Let's go over it again..who won HOH's."
Memphis (irritated) "Dude, you just woke me up."

Memphis takes a second to wake up and then starts firing off names, Dan tells him he's right.

Dan: "Oh, and if it's a puzzle, double check your answers before hitting the buzzer."

Dan tells Memphis that BB is now done building today's Physical Comp and then leaves.

A few minutes later..

BB: "Memphis, please go to the Diary Room."

2:22pm BBT:
Dan is reading his Bible in the Spa Room.
Jerry is eating at the kitchen counter.
Memphis still in Diary Room.

2:35pm BBT:
Memphis is now out of the Diary Room.

Here's a current look at the feeds:

Stay tuned...


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