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Friday, August 29, 2008

Afternooon in the BB house:

**As of 3:53pm BBT, the Nominations Ceremony has not yet been held!

Earlier today, Memphis & Jerry finally made the Final 2 deal.

12:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jerry: "We're at the stage in the game where everyone is in the same boat. I have to do
whatever I can to make sure I stay next week. I'm in here with 4 people that aren't on my team."

Dan pitches to Jerry about how [Dan] pissed off so many people in the house that it would benefit
for him to stay in the game with Jerry.

Dan leaves. Renny enters.

Renny wants to know what Jerry wants, in return for keeping her off the block (if that is what
he decides to do.)

Jerry: "I want to control your vote. I want Dan gone this week."
Renny: "I want him to go, too!"

Renny goes on to throw Keesha "under the bus" and says that she will "play them all" to
get information.

1:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jerry tells Keesha that he wants her on the block, but that his target this week is Dan.

Keesha doesn't like it, but understands that there's not alot of people to choose from.

1:19pm BBT:
60's Room

They both compare notes about what Jerry said and both know that Dan is his target this week.

Keesha questions what would Memphis do if he won the POV: would he save Dan or Keesha.

Renny tells Keesha that she wants to be Final 2 with her.

(It's sooo hard to tell where ANYBODY'S head is at this week!!! Who's lying to who, etc.)

Okay guys & dolls, I have to be offline until later on tonight to take care of some offline stuff.

See ya'll in a few hours! :-D

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