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Friday, August 29, 2008

Overnight Report

Goooooooood morning, everyone!! :-D Hopefully your morning is going well!! Man oh man, what a show yesterday! I think it's still sinking in that there's only 5 people left in the house. This season has really gone by fast. :-(

Okay, so let me get this Overnight Report banged out for ya'll:

Jerry got his HOH room around 12:40am BBT. He got a letter from his granddaughter and some pics, of course.

Keesha & Memphis were talking about the Jury House and how Jerry would have the most votes at this point and it's one of the reasons why he needs to go next week (and if he doesn't win the POV, he probably will. But we'll wait until next week and see what happens.)

1:19am BBT:
HOH Room

Jerry was telling Dan that he needs to align with someone in the house that is strong that will take him to the Final 3 and that Renny is not a strong player (I believe this is him saying that Renny will one of the nominations today.)

Meanwhile, outside in the backyard:

They start talking about what needs to happen this week and other game related talk.

Memphis: "Keesha..I don't know what we're gonna do, girl!"

Keesha: "We have to fight like hell, thats all we can do. It's down to only 5 of us now, we're all on our own."

Memphis: "Well this is the thing..I'm not going to feed anyone bullshit. I'm not going to throw anyone "under the bus", and to be honest with you, I need you to be in this house, period! I would like Dan to be in this house..not saying I don't like Renny, but..."

Keesha: "No, I understand. You & Dan were getting a little shaky about Renny the other night. I like Renny, but I understand. I like everybody in this house still. You have to have people on your side still."

Memphis: "As long as me and you are on the same page...we all need to go to him seperately to keep your ass off the block."

Keesha: "That's' the thing Memphis..I have no idea what to say to him!"

Memphis: "You're like me, I dont know what to say to him..we should all just be honest with him and just tell [Jerry] that he's going up next week."

Keesha: "Well, what is next week..4 people?

Memphis: "Yeah, you put up 2."

Keesha: "Next week could change the whole thing...this time could change the whole game with the POV."

Memphis: "No matter who goes up, the POV is the most important thing this week."

Keesha: "Honestly, his nominations, yeah they suck...but the most important thing is POV."

Memphis: "But you have to trust the person who is going's a scenario: say me and...

Keesha: "...but what if Renny never even goes?"

Memphis: "..Okay, say if you and Renny are on the block, and I win POV...what do I do?? Do I trust Dan to vote the way I want? Or.."

[Dan joins them outside]

They tell him they're going through scenarios for this week.

Keesha goes on to say that she doesn't think theres much she can say to Jerry to keep her safe this week, she thinks Jerry has his mind made up already or that he at least has an idea of who he wants to put up.

Keesha: "He says every man for himself, but NO, you can't get through this game by yourself...I let him say that cause he is."

Dan: "If its a tie, Jerry breaks it."

Keesha: "They've run out of people!"

Memphis: "The POV is the biggest thing this week!"

Dan: "Yep! Whoever is saved by the person that wins the POV, is gonna be in huge debt to the person."

Keesha: "It might not be so bad if we get to go home, but we have to go [to the jury house]...

Memphis: " hell!"

Keesha: "Whoever wins POV this week, is good to go, man!"

1:40am BBT:
HOH Room

Renny totally threw Memphis & Dan "under the bus" by telling Jerry she would like to see "the two boys" get nominated and then told Jerry about Dan & Memphis' alliance.

1:50am BBT:
The HG's saw that there was 6 beers & 1 bottle of wine in the storage room and a Happy Birthday cake for Dan. They all head into the kitchen, drink up, and then Jerry went on & on with a bunch of boring stories. lol

2:26am BBT:

Memphis says he's going to play the honesty card, with the exception of ratting out their alliance together (Dan/Memphis).

Memphis said that he will tell Jerry "Dan put me up on the block and I wont forget about it." and that he's not gunning for him [Jerry] next week.

Memphis then told Dan about how Keesha is game for all of them to be Final 3 (Keesha/Dan/Memphis). Dan told Memphis that he thinks it will be one of them 3 that will go home this week. Memphis & Dan discuss how important it is to make sure that Renny is on the block this week.

Memphis: "If me, you or Keesha are off the block, then we can vote to evict her!"

Dan: "Something has to be done to ensure that [Renny] goes up..we can't just hope that she goes up. We gotta make some kind of deal with Jerry."

Memphis thinks they should make a deal with Jerry and tell Keesha what they're doing.

2:43pm BBT:
Dan gets called into the Diary Room and it was LEAKED ON THE FEEDS!!!

Dan was saying that he wants to make a Dan/Jerry/Memphis alliance, get Renny out this week, and then evict Keesha next week so that[Dan] and Memphis can easily beat Jerry in the 3-part HOH and have a "Renegade" Final 2.

(That's actually a pretty good plan!)

3:46am BBT:

They had a looonggg and detailed convo, but the jist of it was that Memphis/Jerry made a Final 3 deal (they want to bring in Keesha as the 3rd person) but they wanna test Keesha's "trust" first. Jerry wants to talk to Keesha first to see if she's "the right choice" for the Final 3.

(I'm sure Memphis will tell Keesha to stick with him & Jerry to make sure she's in the Final 3.)

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

Stay tuned...