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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

All the HG's are still in shock and getting used to the idea of only 5 of them being in the house now.

Keesha, Renny, Jerry & Dan helped pack up all of Ollie's things for him since he obviously didn't have a chance to do so himself. Renny expressed to Keesha that she thinks Jerry is gonna target her and try like hell to get her out of the house (if he wins HOH).

Dan told Memphis that "paranoia is going to run rampant in the house now that they are down to only 5 people" (and I think he is 100% right!) Hell, paranoia was ALREADY running rampant in the house before it got down to 5 people! lol :-P

7:50pm BBT:
The live feeds just went to bubbles!!!

8:39pm BBT:
STILL BUBBLES!!! Hmm..HOH Comp, perhaps???! :-D

9:03pm BBT:

The New HOH Is:


The live feeds are still on bubbles, but Showtime's After Dark show is on and showing all HG's. The 4-alliance (aka Renegades) are freaking out over Jerry being the new HOH.

Memphis: "That was Jerry type of challenge." (wonder what it was!)

FINALLY the feeds are back!!!!

The Renegades are NOT happy campers tonight.

Renny: (to Dan/Keesha) "See how fast this game can change on a dime??"

9:23pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha thinks her & Renny will be nominated, Renny doesn't think Keesha will be..but does think herself will be nom'ed.

Keesha leaves the room to get something to drink, leaving Renny all alone and to her thoughts.

9:29pm BBT:
All 5 HG's

Memphis isn't looking to happy either.

Renny is being extra nice to Jerry.

Dan: "Whatta game, whatta game." (sighs)

They are all talking about how CRAZY today was and that it feels all surreal.

And here is your new HOH.......and Dan. lol

Dan: "Look at the wall!!'s crazy."

9:37pm BBT:
60's Room

Memphis: "Keesha..I need you here!"
Keesha: "Same here."

Memphis talks about doing ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to stick together (almost saying in so many words to let Renny go and to stick with him.) They then say that they'll have to see who Jerry puts up and then see what to do.

Memphis: "I will never see any of these people ever again in my life. Except you. I want you to know this."

Keesha: "WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!" (laughs)

Keesha leaves and a minute later, so does Memphis.

9:48pm BBT:
Keesha goes into the Diary Room..

Jerry walks to the storage room and BB won't let him in.

Jerry: "They won't let me in the storage room..maybe they'll give us something."

Renny is in the kitchen making coffee.

Keesha comes out of the Diary Room screaming...

Keesha: "WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH STORAGE ROOM?!!!!!" (and laughs)

Big Brother gave her everything she would have got for her HOH room. (That's pretty awesome of you, BB! :) )

The letter she got from her boyfriend JJ was the SWEETEST letter EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! It was very sincere and very loving & Keesha just adored it!

JJ even gave Keesha a small & BEAUTIFUL diamond bracelet!!

Keesha is BEYOND happy!! :-D

Okay everyone, I'm gonna hit the hay. Been a looooong day!! lol I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report!! :-D Hopefully nominations will be tomorrow as usual (Friday) and then we can see what Jerry's plans are for the week and start to hear some game talk.

See ya'll in the morning!! :-D

Stay tuned....