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Thursday, August 28, 2008

After the show:

Hey, did anyone catch when the next HOH will be? I didn't! :-(

EDIT:A BB fan just left a comment that it will be Sunday, but Julie didn't say it was going to be live. (THANK YOU!)

Right after the feeds came back on, the Fab-4 (Keesha/Memphis/Dan/Renny) were VERY happy and celebrating.

They ended up chilling out in the living room, almost as if they were still in shock of what just happened. Memphis said he actually welcomed the double eviction because he's been itching for something different in the house..shake things up a bit (and I think we can all agree with that! lol)

I would think at this point that the Fab 4 will go after Jerry to finalize them as the Final 4..HOWEVER, alloootttt of stuff can happen and new teams could start to form!!

6:49pm BBT:
Living Room
Keesha/Memphis/Jerry/Dan (Renny's whereabouts are unknown..DR??)

They're all just sitting around talking about family & such. It's SOOOO WEIRD to know that this is the final 5!!! From 7 to 5 in an hour. Wow! :-D

Stay tuned...