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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Gooood evening, ya'll! :-D

I'm back and ready to post tonight's happenings in the BB house.

Here's the cliffnotes on this afternoon while I was out:

  • Memphis is (honestly) going to save Dan from the block and told Dan this. They are still good with their Final 2 deal.

  • Keesha straight-up asked Memphis what he plans on doing with the veto, Memphis told her that he's going to use to save Dan and that she [Keesha] is safe this week and that she's still part of the Final 3 plan. Keesha cried instead of being happy (knowing that Renny will be going home at this point.)

  • Keesha told Memphis she doesn't trust Dan, Memphis told her to trust in him then, and not Dan.

  • Renny asked Keesha if she talked with Memphis and what his plans are on using the veto or not...Keesha lied and said that she doesn't know what Memphis plans on doing.

  • Renny wants to throw Dan "under the bus" big time in order to ensure that her & Keesha remain in the game together. She has already thrown Keesha "under the bus" last night with Jerry up in the HOH room (Keesha is still unaware of this.)

    **I want to thank the fans of the blog that were keeping me updated while I was out today!! It's a VERY rare thing for me to be offline, but today I had to. So thanks, guys & gals!! :-D The fans of this blog freakin' ROCK!!!!

    Okay, let me fire up the feeds and get this evening report rockin'! :-D

    7:39pm BBT:
    Dan (alone)

    Dan is busy doing some crafts. He's painting a frog:

    7:44pm BBT:

    They're doing with their outside crafts and finishing up the rest of the wine that BB gave them.

    Jerry & Keesha are on the couch talking about non-game related stuff.

    8:33pm BBT:

    Keesha: "So, Jerry asked me what I thought you were gonna do.." (giggles)
    Memphis: "Oh ya? What'd you say, that ya didnt know?"
    Keesha: "Ya."
    Memphis: "He just really wants Dan to leave."
    Keesha: "He just don't trust him. It just scares me, but thats normal."
    Memphis: "Ya, but I think [Dan's] proven it, even though he is kinda crazy."
    Keesha "I hope [Dan] doesn't do something crazy after [Jerry & Renny] find out whats going on."
    Memphis: "There's no other scenario that would benefit him though."
    Keesha: "I need to put it out there. It's what is in my head. I have to be honest. I trust [Dan] much as you can trust Dan.

    *Memphis & Keesha both laugh.*

    Memphis goes in to take a shower, Renny comes out from her 2+ hour Diary Room session.

    8:48pm BBT

    Renny: "I know that Memphis already knows what he's doing with the Veto. I mean, really, can you see me trying to talk to his man?"
    Keesha: "You need to do what's best for you, Renny."

    Clearly Keesha feels sorry for ditching Renny (or about to, at least) and is telling her to work for herself in the game.

    Keesha & Renny then start talking about Dan & Jerry.

    Keesha: "You think I'm going to go to people and bad mouth you? Ask anyone!"
    Renny: "Dan was up there throwing both of us under the bus."
    Keesha: "Jerry wants to split all of us up. That's how he's doing saying this & that stuff and trying to split us up."
    Keesha: "Thats why I don't believe anything he says."
    Renny: "That man f'ing lies! I did ask him what he thought about you, though."
    Keesha: "What'd he say?"
    Renny: "I dont even wanna tell you."
    Keesha: "No tell me."
    Renny: "Keesha is...well, you know .. she's cut throat."
    Keesha: "I knew when you came downstairs. I could tell by the look on your face."
    Keesha "I didnt say anything about ANY of you up there! I like everybody in this house right now. I dont believe that Dan is going to throw us under the bus. jerry's a f'ing liar, I can tell you that right now! But I don't believe that about Dan."
    Renny: "He's an ass."
    Keesha: "The thing is, [Jerry's] the odd man out and he's trying to work us. He knows he's on his way out the door next, just as soon as anyone gets the chance."

    8:54pm BBT:
    (Still in the backyard)

    Renny is starting to think that she'll be the one going home and that Keesha is safe this week.

    Renny: "Well, its anybody game!"
    Keesha: "I can tell you one thing: one of us is going home."
    Renny: "It's not gonna be you!"
    Keesha: "Neither one of us is safe."
    Renny: "Why do you keep saying its you?"
    Keesha "I will be packing my bags for real this time. I will be prepared for walking out that door."

    Renny is now trying to convince Keesha to talk Memphis into not using the POV and making points about why Memphis should keep her in the game. Keesha tells Renny that she doesn't think there's anything she could do/say that would make Memphis do *anything* at this point in the game.

    They then start talking about the POV Comp last night. Apparently it was a game that was mix & matching the HG's baby pictures.

    Renny: "The ugliest baby pictures were Memphis and Michelle." (laughs)
    Keesha: "Mine & Stevens was pretty homely." (laughs)

    The girls continue to talk about how Jerry never wanted a girl to win the game and that he wants the Final 3 to be "the guys". Keesha & Renny start ranting about how Jerry is always talking about stupid stories and they don't f'ing care and wish he'd shut up. They then start talking about Dan has been "up Jerry's ass" ever since he won HOH.

    Keesha: "I dont care anymore. I don't give two shits about it anymore."
    Renny: "Dan's playing the game like...he's so lie, lie, lie..sneak, sneak, sneak."

    9:56pm BBT:
    Dan & Jerry join Keesha/Renny outside.

    Chatter isn't game related. Keesha & Renny go inside. Keesha heads to the 60's room. Dan goes back inside and heads for the 60's room where Keesha & Memphis are.

    Renny joins and they all laugh because Jerry is outside by himself.

    Keesha is complaining about how Jerry cut Renny off to tell another boring "all about me" story and they all had enough and went inside. lol

    10:04pm BBT:

    BB: "Dan, please go to the Diary Room."

    Memphis says he wants a beer but doesn't wanna run into Jerry (they're all really tired of him & his non-stop stories.) Renny goes and gets a beer for Memphis and brings it back into the bedroom.

    10:10pm BBT:
    All 3 of them do some Jerry bashing. Dan is still in the D.R. and Jerry is still outside by himself.

    Jerry is now in the 60's room with everyone. He was wondering where the wine/beer was. lol They're all tolerating Jerry pretty well.

    Okay ya'll, I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report! ;-)

    Stay tuned...