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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

Gooood morning (or afternoon, depending on where you are.)

The HG's just woke up at 10am BBT. Since my last post late last night, nothing else really happened in terms of game play. The HG's (minus Jerry) all played a Questions game that BB gave them and then headed to bed at 1:30am BBT.

Also, I've been getting alot of BB fans here on the blog asking about if Renny will be informed of Hurricane Gustav (which is currently heading for her hometown of New Orleans) and the answer is no. If BB is staying true to their contracts and what they've done in the past, then BB won't let the HG's know of ANYTHING in the outside world unless there's a death in the family. So I'm pretty sure that they won't let her know about the Hurricane.

10:17am BBT:
The feeds are still on fishies (BB is still waking the HG's up for the day.)

10:29am BBT:
Keesha is in the kitchen making coffee, Dan is still in his bed starring at the wall.

10:30am BBT:
Keesha joins Memphis outside on the backyard couch. Dan is finally up and getting dressed.

Everybody is now back inside the house and roaming around. VERY little talking going on.

10:54am BBT:
Keesha & Dan are outside talking about Keesha's boyfriend JJ.
Jerry is in the kitchen making breakfast.

11:15am BBT:
Backyard Couch

All 3 are listening to more of Jerry's boring stories. Renny is inside roaming around.

Renny just joined the 3 HG's outside, with her coffee in her hand.

Renny: "Good morning."
Dan: "Good morning, Renny."

11:21am BBT:
Keesha & Renny go inside and are now in the kitchen.

11:41am BBT:

Dan: "Renny asked me if I'm going to turn on her."
Keesha: "It's tough. You have to save your own ass in here. There's certain things I won't do of course, you know..It makes me mad about what Jerry says." (that Dan threw "them" under the bus.)
Dan: "I didn't say a single bad thing to him about you, Memphis, and Renny."
Keesha: "I know. I hate how he lies."
Dan: "You should ask him next time exactly what I said."
Keesha: "He can't. Because I know you didn't say anything. I like everybody in this house now."
Dan: "Jerry says that your alliance is no more."
Keesha: "He said the same thing to me." (laughs)
Dan: "There is one more to get out. And he's bald & 75 yrs old."

(They both giggle.)

Keesha: "I wish Memphis would tell Renny what's going on so I don't have to answer her questions.
Dan: "I think that would be a big mistake."
Keesha: "I know."

12:08pm BBT:
Renny: "I asked Jerry last night if he would teach me that card game he was playing with Dan and he said no, he wanted to wait for Memphis."
Keesha: "He said no?? I don't know what "f" he is thinking."

Dan is in the pool by himself. Memphis is sleeping in the Spa Room. I think Jerry is up in the HOH room (haven't seen him for a while now.)

Yes ladies & gents, the feeds have been THIS boring the past 24 hours. lol I'll give them another hour to "wake up" and let the caffeine kick in, otherwise I'm gonna get offline for a few hours. Listening to 1 sentence being spoke every 10 mins is not fun. lol :-P

12:56pm BBT:
Alright, I'm gonna get offline and go enjoy one of the last gorgeous days of summer here in the Midwest. :) Literally NOTHING has been happening and I don't think anything will until tomorrow after the POV Ceremony where Memphis will take Dan off and Jerry will nominate Renny. I think Renny will go into panic mode at that point and then the feeds will be interesting from that point on. Today has been a very lazy day and convos about anything but the game.

You guys & gals should take the day off as well..go outside..get some fresh air..spend time with your families that you've been ignoring because of BB the past 2 months. lol ;-) Otherwise I'm gonna start posting pics of Jerry in his underwear until you do!!

Told ya! ;-) hahaha!

Okay, I'm off for a few hours (hopefully ya'll are to) and we'll meet back here early tonight! :-D


Stay tuned...