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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening, ya'll!! Hopefully you guys & dolls took the afternoon off like I did and spent some quality time with friends/family/yourself!

I just went through everything that happened all day since my last post, but nothing has happened all day long!! (Unless you count Renny baking Dan's bday cake as "something interesting". lol)

Oh!!! I forgot to mention...

Jerry was trying to read a plane banner that was flying by and he kept backing up...and backing up...and ...


That was sadly the most exciting thing today.

Currently on the feeds @ 8:01pm BBT:
Fishies!! These HG's need to learn that they CAN'T SING in the house, because everytime they do, us feed viewers get fishies (due to Copyright fees that CBS would have to pay royalties for). Dan is usually the one that starts singing. So if you're tired of all the fishies on the feeds, blame (most of it) on Danny boy. lol :-P

8:02pm BBT:
Feeds are back. Dan & Renny are in the kitchen finishing baking his cake. Jerry/Keesha are having a non-game related convo outside on the couch as Keesha does her nails.

Since I wasn't home to see the Sunday show, I'm gonna go watch it. I heard that BB did a hack-job on the editing of Jerry though and portrayed him as this "good grandpa"?? Can't wait to see that! lol

Update: I just got done watching the episode. They did such a bad editing job on tonight's episode. My husband kept saying "aww poor Jerry! Those 4 houseguests are just so rude." I kept telling him that CBS was editing tonights show sooo badly and that "the 4" are NOT "evil" lol That was one of the worst edited BB shows I've ever seen.

So, Memphis has a Final 2 deal with EVERYBODY but Renny, and as Memphis said in tonights show, Renny needs to go so that Memphis is "sitting pretty" in the game. At this point, Renny will be going home (she'll find out tomorrow after the Veto Ceremony and that's when shit is gonna hit the fan I believe) and if nobody in the house figures out that Memphis has F2 deals with everyone, then you can count on Memphis being in the Final 3 for sure.

The feeds are about as alive as a cemetary tonight (just like they were this morning/afternoon/early evening), so I'm not gonna blog tonight simply because there's nothing to blog about!!! I'll be online watching the feeds though and anything worth mentioning, I'll post it in the Overnight Report. Speaking of the O.R., I am REALLLLY missing doing those lately!! :-( I love doing the O.R.'s, so I hope something happens tonight so I can actually do one tomorrow morning! :)

See ya'll in the morning!! :-D

PS Like I said, I'll still be online, so if you wanna leave a comment, I'll post it and respond back & forth. :)

Stay tuned...