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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

12:45pm BBT
Backyard Couch

Keesha: "You know Renny, take this for what its worth, I would love to see you and I make it to the end. At least to the final 4. Or the next week. You have to take it week by week."

Renny: "If the Colonel wins, I think he's going to put up Memphis and Dan. Its the numbers ...One of us would go up because he wouldn't put up Ollie. If Ollie wins, I think he'd put them up too."

Memphis joins.

Keesha: "This game is gonna drive me CRAZY!"
Memphis: "Don't let it, Keesha. Don't let it."

Spa Room
Ollie & Michelle

Michelle is telling Ollie that she wants to "call out" Dan in front of everyone in the HOH room for being a plant and his gf Monica being in the cafeteria during sequester. Ollie tells her she should.

Ollie joins the couch-crew outside (Michelle said she'd be out in 2 mins.)

Renny: "How you doing, Ollie?"
Ollie: "Im livin'."

1:15pm BBT:

Michelle tried to convince Keesha of the whole 'Me & Ollie won't put you/Renny up." deal. Michelle then uses the "Us girls gotta stick together, the guys are gonna take us out" approach.

Updated @ 1:48pm BBT:
There's been nothing but general chatter here & there (pointless stuff, non-game related stuff.)

Rumor Control:

Just to splash some water on this fire of a rumor about Ollie being "punished" for his actions the other day; nobody knows what, *IF ANYTHING*, happened with Ollie as far as a punishment goes. Let's all just wait until the live show tomorrow's epiosde and see what happens.

2:52pm BBT:
I'm going to take a break. I'll be back later on! :)

Stay tuned...