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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

6:30pm BBT
Dan was thinking about his students that are playing a game tomorrow and he wants them all to get some sleep. Dan starts going off (in a silly way) that the team they're playing against, robbed them of the championship last year.

Renny started yelling into the camera at his students to go to bed & get some sleep. LOL

Renny: "So get your frickin' asses to bed!!!"

6:51pm BBT
Dinner Table:

All the HG's (except Ollie) are now eating dinner:

Lite chatter about how good the potatoes are that Dan cooked up.

So far, the HG's have had a laazzyyy dayyy. Alot of naps and mindless chatter. Hopefully the dinner will give'em all a little bit of energy to get the house alive. ;-)

Since tonight is Michelle's last night in the house, I wonder if she will try to get the votes one last time or if she will accept she's going home and stir some shit up before she walks out the door. We shall see!

7:09pm BBT:
Dinner is now over and clean has begun in the kitchen thanks to Renny & Jerry.

On the backyard couch, Keesha & Michelle are making small talk...

..I'm waiting for the "foreplay" to stop and Michelle to start campaigning to stay again.

7:14pm BBT:
Michelle has now moved to the bathroom's lounger. She's alone and looks sad/defeated.

7:19pm BBT:
Jerry joins Michelle. He asked her if she's okay and she says yes, she's just laying down because there's "nothing else to do." Jerry complains about his neck being sore & Michelle tells him to go into the jacuzzi. Jerry tells her that if she needs to talk, to let him know (he's being supportive of her) and he leaves the bathroom.

7:23pm BBT:
Michelle is now in the HOH room feeding the fish.
Ollie is laying down but awake.
Dan & Memphis are playing a game of chess.
Not sure where Jerry is (laying down, perhaps.)

Keesha & Renny are outside on the couch.

Renny: "There's something about Dan that doesn't ring right with me."
Keesha: [passive] "ya..."

Michelle is outside now as well. All 3 of them are asking each other if they actually heard what Dan & Ollie said (when they were making "the deal") during the HOH Endurance Comp last week.

Keesha: "I could hear Dan, but I couldn't hear Ollie or even see his face."
Renny: (to Michelle) " you never heard Ollie say he wanted Memphis up, then."
Michelle: "Nope."

Michelle is now telling them that she thinks Dan is a "plant" and going through her theories and how she asked Dan why he didn't put up Ollie instead of her.

Ollie comes out..

..and screams "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!". He's talking about how Jerry follows him around and it's driving him crazy, he has no alone time and never has.

7:34pm BBT:
Renny & Ollie start talking.

Renny asked Ollie what exactly was said between him & Dan during the HOH comp last week. She's trying to figure out Dan's motive for nominating Memphis. Ollie tells Renny he felt like he had no other choice but to pick Memphis based on conversation with Dan. Ollie said his hands were tied because he couldn't tell anyone their deal and that he did not offer Dan a deal, it was Dan offering him the deal.

Ollie then starts to tell Renny his theories on Dan being a "plant" in the house.

Ollie: "Do you trust Dan after what he did during the POV ceremony?"
Renny: "I don't trust ANYBODY in this game."

Jerry comes outside. lol He sat on a lounger on the other side of the yard.

7:54pm BBT:
No convo's going on currently:

The washer broke when Renny was trying to wash her clothes. Both Ollie & Jerry are trying to fix it (with no luck.) Keesha is splashing her legs around in the hot tub.

7:56pm BBT:
HOH Room
Dan & Memphis

Memphis said that he's going to talk to Keesha and tell her that he's scared about Renny. Renny keeps questioning Dan's move this week and about why Dan put up Michelle instead of Ollie.

Dan: "I did that for us 4, not MY game..OUR game."
Memphis: "I'm afraid that if Renny wins HOH this week, that she's not gonna put up Ollie and I will FLIP MY SHIT if she doesn't!"
Dan: "It's ALMOST like you [Memphis] has to win HOH this week. They're convinced to get Jerry out next week.."
Memphis: "..but I'm NOT!" (he wants Ollie out before Jerry)

They end the convo and Dan says he's gotta try to get some sleep tonight (he hasn't been sleeping too well lately.)

8:04pm BBT:
Memphis goes outside, Renny goes inside the house. Jerry goes inside and heads to his bedroom. He tells Michelle (who is re-reading her letter from home in her bed) that the washer is now fixed.

8:07pm BBT:
Ollie & Keesha are having a convo about religion.

They both believe in heaven & hell but both agree that nobody knows 100% for sure and that they'll never argue if there is or not because nobody has proof.

8:30pm BBT:
Keesha & Ollie still talking, but now are on the topic of relationships. Keesha says she met her boyfriend (JJ) at an audition.

Memphis is taking a shower.

Okay ya'll, I'm off for the night! Been since 6am. I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report!! ;-)

Tomorrow is Double Eviction day which means that no matter WHAT happens, the feeds are gonna be alive & full of game-changing conversations!! If you don't already have them, tonight might be a great time to get'em so that you're able to watch them as soon as the live show is over tomorrow night!!

Grab your 2 week trial of the feeds here!! :-D

G'dnight, ladies & gents. :)

Stay tuned...