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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Overnight Report

Goooooood morning, everyone!! :-D How are ya'll doing this morning?

I'm going through last nights happenings in the house and I'll be posting the Overnight Report right here, so keep checking back!

9:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

They both spent alot of time talking about how they're scared of Renny flipping to the "other side" and if she were to win HOH today, that she'd put up a member of their 4-alliance. They wanted to get Keesha up to the HOH to get her take on Renny.

Keesha enters the HOH room.

They expressed their concern about Renny not being solid with their final 4 alliance and Keesha said she was a bit "nervous" about Renny as well. Keesha said that she'll talk to Renny later to see where her head is at and see how she truly feels about Ollie.

9:31pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha asked Renny if she was "okay" and she said she's worried that Ollie or Jerry will win HOH because they'll go after Dan/Memphis. (Renny then got called into the D.R. so their convo was short lived.)

10:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ollie tried his best to get Renny to "flip" to their side and keep Michelle this week, but it never worked. Renny asked Ollie what would happen (in his opinion) if Michelle gets evicted and he basically said that he'd still go after "his" targets (Dan/Memphis).

Shortly after 11pm BBT:
60's Room

They are both being paranoid, but with good reason. They wondered if Michelle was successfully talking to Renny/Keesha to get the votes and change the game up or not.

Keesha enters & all 3 of them go to the HOH room together.

Keesha/Memphis/Dan are all worried about Renny winning HOH, so Keesha/Memphis said they're gonna try their hardest to win it so that she doesn't.

Keesha leaves.

Dan/Memphis continue talking, this time it's about how little they trust people in the house. Without officially saying it, their 2-person alliance together got alot stronger and I believe these two will be fighting together until the end.

They talk about cutting Renny out first and taking Keesha to the Final 3 (if all of them were to make the Final 4). They simply don't trust Renny and feel that her being close with Ollie is a big threat to them & their game.

Of course, this could all change if Ollie ends up leaving tonight during the Double Eviction. So many options, so many chances for this game to change..and it will all happen tonight!! ;-)

So, in a nutshell...

*Michelle & Ollie tried their best to get the votes & failed.
*Michelle will be going home tonight.
*Dan & Memphis are nervous & EVERYONE in the house is noticing.
*Renny could be the 1st one of the 4-Alliance to be cut.
*Dan/Memphis have a solid to-the-end alliance.
*Keesha seems to be going back & forth between being solid with Renny, and with Dan/Memphis (hard to tell where exactly her head is at this point..playing too good of a game to tell!)

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

Stay tuned...