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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

The HG's woke up around 9am BBT.

9:34am BBT:
Dan is packing up his stuff up in the HOH room, and Keesha/Renny were just at the kitchen table but have since moved to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Edit: Keesha left the bathroom, Renny still getting ready.

So what's on the agenda for them today? A typical Live Show Day schedule of getting ready (showered/dressed), cleaning, HOH lockdown for an hour or two, more cleaning, and more getting ready for the live show. Thursday's are VERY boring days on the feeds until AFTER the live show..then the feeds usually are insane. ;-)

9:39am BBT:
Keesha & Michelle are in the Spa Room. Keesha asked Michelle if she knows what her speech is gonna be tonight and Michelle said ya, but she doesn't know if it's good enough or not.

Jerry is eating breakfast in the kitchen area.

9:47am BBT:
All HG's on HOH lockdown (and will be for 1-2 hours.)

Updated @ 12:05pm BBT:
Literally NOTHING has happened since my last post. All the HG's fell asleep in the HOH room and the feeds have been on standby mode for nearly an hour now.

I'm going to get offline and take care of some offline stuff while I have a few hours to spare (which is rare theses days! lol)

I'll be back on here about an hour before the live show that starts at 8pm EST!!


Stay tuned...