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Friday, September 5, 2008

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

The feeds came back at 5:17pm BBT, the Nomination Ceremony has been held!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Jerry & Memphis

EDIT: Sorry for the wrong info at first, something Keesha said threw me off.

The nominations don't really mean anything, it ALL comes down to who wins the POV this week. Dan's target is obviously Jerry, so as long as Jerry doesn't win the POV, Keesha should be safe.

BB showed the backyard for a split SECOND! They're setting up for POV Comp (which might be tonight!!). It looks similar to Season 4's Diamond Veto POV Comp with stairs leading up to the veto necklace! :-D

5:57pm BBT:
Current look at the feeds..

Dan/Keesha in HOH room.
Memphis/Jerry in kitchen.

6:10pm BBT:

Jerry still thinks that Memphis is on his side and is telling Memphis that they can "win this thing". Jerry even gave him a raincoat for the POV Comp just in case. Jerry told Memphis "Don't f**k me! Let's do this!" Memphis lied to Jerry saying that he's not trying f**k him over and that he's with him to the end.

6:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: "Renegades til the end, man!"

They get a good laugh at how Jerry thinks Memphis is taking him to the end and that Jerry still has a shot in the game. Memphis then goes on to say that either way, [Memphis] is safe this week because even if Jerry wins POV, Keesha will be going home. Dan thinks it's HILARIOUS and said that he was hoping to give some false hope to Jerry but this is "better" than he expected.

Updated @ 7:56pm BBT:
I'm getting offline, my brain is fried from working too much and sleeping too little. Be back in a couple of hours! :)

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