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Friday, September 5, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

Okay, so Dan won the Luxury Comp and he's going, by himself, to a private beach for 1 day.

Dan: "It sucks."
Memphis: "Why?"
Dan: "I have to make a decision."
Memphis: "At least you get to leave! Did they tell you where?"
Dan: "Ya, it's a private beach for 1 day, but I don't know if it's gonna be overnight or not. I made my decision."
Memphis: "Really?"

Dan chooses to go alone and not bring another HG along. He didnt want to create any animosity in the house so he chose no one to go with him.

They discuss how the card said How it could impact the game .. So they think there is something behind that. says production didnt tell him anything, when he's leaving, how he's leaving etc.

Dan: "Maybe there's something there that could impact the veto or something. I'll keep my eyes open while Im there."

The answer was "Burying the hatchet".

The Real Plan:
Dan said in the bathroom (by himself) "Let's see if I can get Michelle's vote.." leaving all of us to assume that he's taking Michelle to the beach with him. Of course he won't tell Memphis/Keesha/Jerry that, but that was his other option.

HGs went inside from lockdown and discovered that the dinner table has been replaced with a smaller one. (Final 4 table)

3:03pm BBT:

The boys are soaking in the pool and talking about Dan going alone to the beach. Dan says he just hopes nobody is mad at him and Memphis said that he's not mad and neither is Keesha as far as he can tell.

Dan is anxious to where he's going and hates how vague BB is being with not telling him any info just yet.

3:14pm BBT:

Talk turns to Keesha.

Memphis: "I think that Keesha is starting not to care about the game. Like she isn't trying in the competitions. She didn't even spend any time on those pictures."
Dan: "Ya, she's saying that she just wants to get out of here."

Chatter takes another turn, this time it's about Jerry & the upcoming POV comp.

Memphis: "What do you do if Jerry wins POV?"
Dan: "You will need to do a (fake) Final 2 deal with him."
Memphis: "Ya, I haven't had to do that yet. "
Dan: "It would suck for us to get this far and not have both of us make it to the Final 2."

3:42pm BBT:
Houseguests are on interior lockdown.

4:30pm BBT:
Houseguests are on exterior lockdown now.

Keesha: "Whats going on?? Gosh!"

4:33pm BBT:
We have TRIVIAAA!!! Nominations Ceremony, perhaps?

Stay tuned...

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