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Saturday, September 6, 2008

After the POV: (Memphis & Dan to evict Keesha?)

Dan & Memphis talked about who they should keep this week: Jerry or Keesha. I'm surprised that they're even thinking about it, but it is part of playing the game. Who do you take to the end? Who will benefit you in the long run?

Here's Dan & Memphis' convo:

3:31am BBT:
HOH Room

Memphis: we are going to have to tell her before. I'm not going to wait til the last minute to tell her if we decide to, you know. I can't do that to her. We need to think through this."
Dan: "We have to sleep on it."
Memphis: "Jerry knows his shit, that's what worries me about him."
Dan: "This decision could cost us...this could be it. If we keep Jerry and he wins, we'll be upset with ourselves."
Memphis: "I am confident against either."
Dan: "The thing is, who would we be better against? Especially for endurance."
Memphis: "For anything physical, it would definitely be Jerry."
Dan: "But he'd be good in the 3rd round with the questions."
Memphis: "But he'd need to get there. Right now, it's looking good for Jerry. It's looking in Jerry's favor, obviously."
Dan: "If he gets to the final 2, I won't be able to forgive myself. Whatever we do, we have to confident with it."
Memphis: "There's good & bad to both. I think she's definitely ruffled, on her last end. You saw her on that astronaut thing."
Dan: "You should have seen her, she got it like that (snaps fingers). On the final heat, she pulled back."
Memphis: "But she can still win. She did well tonight."
Dan: "Ya, she did, but she was still were faster than her."
Memphis: "That's scary about her. For endurance, we'd be a shoe-in against Jerry. At this point we both know what we have to do. It's going to be Jerry. But if we end up losing to a 75 year old man, we wouldn't forgive ourselves."
Dan: "I know."
Memphis: "We need to sleep on this."
Dan: "It's a big decision!"
Memphis: "But Keesha's quick. Her mind is quick. Even though Jerry might know the answers, I still think it's like..."
Dan: "When you see Jerry, look at his eye. He has a cataract problem. He has a hearing problem."
Memphis: "He might be our safest bet."
Dan: "There's no such thing as a 'sure thing'. If there's a way you can, work a deal with him so he can throw the second heat." (the physical comp)
Memphis: "I'm all about that. I'd throw him under the bus so fast."
Dan: "We need to stage a fight. I'm telling you. We have to. With his conspiracy theories..."

Talk Continues:

Memphis: "We can do it (stage a fight) if we evict Keesha."
Dan: "Ya, but it might not matter (since they'll win the 1st part). We need him out of the 2nd part."
Memphis: "But if you win, you better not go crazy!"
Dan: "Dude, are you kidding me? Neither of us could beat Jerry."
Memphis: "Because I won't be your friend anymore (Memphis smiled and shook his head lol)
Dan: "I've been waiting for that. "To pull out the renegade headband." (the red bandanna)

They talk about the speech they're going to use to evict Jerry in the final eviction.

Dan: "It will be like "Dan, you've put me up on the block twice..."
Memphis: "Ya, this is the toughest decision. I used to look at you as a brother...but I have renegade blood running through my veins."
Memphis: "Whether it comes from your mouth or my mouth, it's gonna be the funniest speech...ever! Period. Dude, this is it."

They do their renegade handshake & point their fingers in the air (in the shape of guns) and make a shooting sound.

Memphis: "The least amount of money you're gonna go home with is $59k."
Dan: "It's $8k more than 2 years of my salary."
Memphis: "It's enough to start a clothing company. We set ourselves up pretty well. We have a potential to win this, a lot of money. "
Memphis: "Imagine $59k in your bank account. I've never seen anything like that."
Memphis: "I'm not gonna really talk to Jerry. I don't want him to think he's safe, you know."

They both say goodnight. Memphis leaves, and Dan jumps into the shower.

Could Dan & Memphis be evicting Keesha??? Hmm!!!

Stay tuned...


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