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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feeds are on TRIVIA!!!!

OKay boys & girls, here we gooooo!!! :-D

The feeds switched to trivia at 2:10pm BBT and they will be off until after tonight's Live Show on CBS.

The HG's spent their time looking at the Memory Walls pics that BB put up this morning. Dan studied it from a distance and up-close. Keesha looked at a few times and so did Memphis, but Dan was all over it! lol

So while we wait for the live show at 8pm EST, let's play another round of...


Leave your best caption of Keesha in a comment below! :-D Also feel free to talk about the upcoming season of BB11 this Winter, who you want to win tonight's HOH, and anything else on your mind! ;-)

Don't forget to get the feeds, guys!! The next few days are gonna be CRAZY!!!! A new HOH, the POV Comp, the POV Ceremony, and then we have the Final HOH Part 1: Endurance Comp (looove those!) on Tuesday!!

NOW is the time to get those feeds..I wouldn't lie to ya, I would never steer you wrong. Trust me on this one!!!

Grab your 14 Day Totally Free Trial Here!! :-D

PS I will be broadcasting the Live Show right here on the blog tonight! :-D

Stay tuned...