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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

Welcome to Live Show Day, everybody!! Today we will go from the Final 5 to the Final 4. Renny will be the one leaving today, then the HG's (minus Jerry) will compete for the title of being the new HOH.

BB switched the pictures on the Memory Wall to different pics of various HOH comps this whole season. From "Hanging on the Edge", to the Sock Hop. Dan/Keesha/Memphis all studied the wall very closley and for a while. Jerry passed by Keesha and told her to "Study it well!" (He needs Keesha to win HOH for him to have any kind of shot at staying in the game.)

11:16am BBT:
The HG's are on HOH lockdown (typical live show day stuff). Once BB let's them out, the HG's will then go back downstairs and the clean the house.

If you don't have the live feeds yet, get'em today!!! The next few days are going to be action-packed, the boring phase of the season if over, my friends! :-D Between now & Tuesday, we will have the HOH comp, the POV Comp, and the POV Ceremony (it's going to be a fast week!) Then on Wednesday is when we'll get down to the Final 3 & that's the day of the Endurance Comp for the final HOH!!!


It's amazing that the season will be over in just 12 days. Wow! How time flies. :( Oh well. We have another BB just right around the corner though, so that's good!

I'll back updating this post!

Stay tuned...