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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Overnight Report

Gooood Morning, ya'll!! :-D Hope you lovely guys & gals have your coffee in your hand and are ready for a looong Overnight Report!! I am SO EXCITED that I was finally able to do a full O.R.!!! It's been about...hmm..a week now??! It's been a long time. But, that "dry spell" should be well over from this point on (read below on why that is!)

Let's get this O.R. started, shall we? :-D

9:37pm BBT:
60's Room

Keesha starts getting depressed about Renny leaving as Renny finishes packing & Keesha begins hers.

Renny: "It was a nice run, I'll tell ya. Keesha Marie."
Keesha: "Renny Roooooo. Dont make me cry.This is my last night with you either way, it's very depressing."
Renny: "You could be the winner of a half a million dollars!"
Keesha: "I could also be the person who goes insane in this house." (laughs)
Renny: "'d be worth it."
Keesha: "Not if I leave here with nothing!"

10:25pm BBT:

Renny walked into the bathroom to go pee.

What she didn't know was that Jerry was peeing at the time and she opened up
the door and saw him peeing. lol Later on, everybody (minus Jerry) was outside on the backyard couch and Renny tells them all about catching Jerry peeing & showed them:

Jerry came out shortly after, and Keesha told him that Renny was imitating him and he got pissed for a minute (it was hilarious! lol)

10:41pm BBT:
Bathroom Hallway

The girls just couldn't hold in anymore. They started crying and took comfort
in each others' arms.

(This made even me cry!!! :-( )

Ohhh Renny Roo. You will so be missed on the feeds & the show!!! :-(

10:47pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Right after their crying in the bathroom hallway, Keesha headed outside....

...and Renny followed a couple minutes later with a bottle of wine & wine glasses in her hands and sat down next to Keesha.

Renny: "Cheers, dawwlin'."
Keesha: "Cheers Renny."

Talk turns to the game for a second...

Keesha: "Jerry told me that Memphis has deals with all 3 people in the house."
Renny: "Are you surprised?"
Keesha: "No, I'm not surprised. If you stay in the house, you have to KICK ASS and be smart, same with me if I'm left...who the hell can I trust?"
Renny: "You cant trust the Colonel's mouth!"
Keesha: "No, but out of all 3 of them!! who can you trust?!"

Talk continues.

Keesha says it's down to that "cut-throat" attitude.
Renny: "There's nothing you can do but move forward in the game."
Keesha: "I'm so glad to have had you this entire time. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you."
Renny: "I know, I feel the same way, Keesha."
Keesha: "Some people never had anybody in here, they just floated here alone...I'm so glad we were never like that."
Renny: "Well these were your best let's see what they're made of!"
Keesha: "YOU were my best buddy. You still are. Now I'm alone in this house."
Renny: "Good thing Jerry can't play in the HOH."

Renny starts to help Keesha with facts in the house (number of things, etc etc).
They start going over what was taken from the deck of cards the other night (BB took some cards). Keesha tells Renny that her and Jerry went over some stats the other night. Renny doesn't trust his stats.

11:08pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The whole gang is hanging out and talking. Various topics & chatter arise throughout the night.

Renny: (To Dan) "My bark is bigger than my bite. I may come across as really opinionated, but I'm really a loving person."
Dan: "I know that. I know that really well, even after just being here 60 days. Even though I've aggravated the shit out of
you, you've really taken care of me, Renny."

12:46am BBT:
60's Room

Dan: "We have to win HOH."
Memphis: "I want to have it so bad. You're gonna have to kill me for it!" (laughs)
Dan: "You know it's gonna be a showdown between us."
Memphis: "I hope it's gonna be a fun one!"

Keesha puts her ear up against the door, then walks in.

Keesha: "If you guys vote me out, you vote me out."
Memphis: "OK."
Keesha: "No!"

(They all laughed.)

12:51am BBT:
60's Room

Memphis: "You're not going to hear my goodbye message, but it's funny!"
Keesha: "Can you tell me?"
Memphis: "No, we're not allowed to talk about our DR sessions." (laughs)
Keesha: "Mine was sad."
Keesha: "It's hard."
Memphis: "It's hard being a pimp." (laughing)
Keesha: "It sucks to lose a friend, you know?"
Dan: "I wouldn't know. I haven't had very many of those. Until now."
Keesha: "I won't lie, it's hard! Imagine if you were the only guy with all girls.."
Memphis: "Dan would be alright."
Dan: "We can be like two of the girls if you want." (laughing)
Memphis: "It will be completely different with her gone. That's one of the things I was talking about in there."
Keesha: "I'm really proud of us 4."
Memphis: "Most seasons it doesn't happen like that."
Keesha: "..and when we're leaving, we're not leaving with hard feelings."
Memphis: "..and that's rare this season."
Dan: "The only one that did leave well is Libra. I think Renny will leave well, don't you think?"

They all agree.

1:00am BBT:
60's Room

The boys talked about Jerry and about how he's gonna "pull out all the stops" to try to stay this week (since he can't play for HOH.) The boys talk about how it's gonna be funny when one of "them" wins the POV and then laugh at Jerry (that's when Jerry's fate would be sealed, is at that point.)

**Oh boys, don't go counting your chickens before the hatch!! :-/

Keesha told Memphis & Dan about her conversation with Jerry and that he said Dan & Memphis both have an alliance with him (Memphis did, but by using the veto, he kinda broke his word to Jerry.)

Keesha: "It's gonna get dirty in here this last week. REAL dirty!"

**Keesha, I couldn't agree more..dawwlin'! ;-)

Everybody, except Jerry of course, spent the night in the 60's room talking about a little bit of everything. From relationships & marriages, to how moldy Dan's swimming bottoms are. lol Dan hasn't washed his shorts yet and he wears them every day. Dan thinks that the swimming pool cleans them. (Sooo gross, Dan! haha!) Renny made a comment earlier in the backyard about how Dan stinks sometimes and she thinks it's because he never changes and/or washes his clothes.

1:15am BBT:
Keesha turned the lights off and Dan was still in the room but Renny didn't know it. She even said "I hope he's not still in here!" and then Dan jumped on her and landed in her...umm..."area". lol

Renny: "DAN!!!!!!! C'MOOOOON!!!!!!! What are you doing??!"

(Dan laughing uncontrollably.)

It was really a blast watching those 4 all night. It was like watching 4 best friends just have a good time..all while knowing that one of them has to leave very shortly. The term bitter-sweet comes to mind. I've never seen a more awesome & a more close group of 4 than Memphis/Keesha/Dan/Renny. It was a real treat watching them bond this season, and it's going to suck like hell watching it all come to end later on today when Renny walks out that door.

But it'll be nice to know that they will all be together in just a short couple of weeks! :-D Us feed viewers just won't have the pleasure of actually watching them anymore.

And this concludes your Overnight Report!! ;-)

Okay, here's the schedule for this week (just so that we're all on the same page):

Tonight: We get down to the Final 4 + a new HOH.
Tuesday: We get down to the Final 3. Part 1 of Final HOH: ENDURANCE COMP!!!!
Wednesday: Part 2 of Final HOH: Physical Comp
Thursday: (Live Show) Final HOH: Mental Comp. Winner chooses the other HG for Final 2.

Then, of course, Sept. 16th is the Finale!!!

Okay, the next 7 days are going to be complete MADNESS & CHAOS on the live doubt!!! The "boring phase" is officially over, guys!!! NOW is the time to get those feeds!!!


Stay tuned...