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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeds are on TRIVIA!!!! (updated)

The feeds went to fishies at 4:28pm BBT, then switched to Trivia at 5:12pm BBT!!!!

So what's going on? I have NO CLUE!! My only guess would be that BB is giving them (a much needed) Luxury Comp! :-D When the feeds switch to trivia, that's a good indicator that the feeds will be off for at least an hour but usually longer.

Soooo...while we wait for the feeds to come back, how about another round of...


Think of your best caption for this pic of Renny and leave it in a comment below!

Updated @ 5:41pm BBT:
It seems that they did another taping of the Craig Ferguson show. They haven't said his name, but they talked to a guy that has a show on that's my guess.

Renny is finishing up packing, Keesha is in her bed.

The camera men in the house have been doing Zoom-In's all day long of various things. From objects in the house, to the pictures on the Memory Wall. Wonder if they're just bored or trying to tell us feed watchers something. Hmm!!! They just zoomed in a changing-lights square thingy in the 60's room, then panned back out.

Jerry is up in the HOH room laying down.

Memphis & Dan are getting ready to play a game of chess.

5:59pm BBT:
I'm gonna hop offline as the boys play a game or two of chess and Jerry & Keesha take their naps. Renny is now laying down as well, but reading Dan's bible. See ya'll in just a little bit! :-D

8:47pm BBT:
Nothing much happening tonight.

Renny is finishing up packing her stuff & sniffing alot. :-( Poor Renny Roo!!!!

It's gonna be so weird not seeing her on the feeds.

I think it REALLY hit me tonight that BB is nearly over and it's rather depressing! Feels like this season went by super fast (unlike last season, which felt like it went on & least it did for me anyways.) *sigh*

Alrighty, I'm gonna get offline for the night. As Renny would say, "See ya in the morning, dawwling!"

Stay tuned...