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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

The HG's are up and are slowly getting their day started.

10:48am BBT:
Around the feeds

Memphis/Keesha/Dan are in the backyard talking about tomorrow's HOH comp and what they think it will be. They don't think it will be another endurance comp (and I agree) but Dan seems to think it will be a "will power" comp.

Earlier, they all discussed the songs that were played to wake them up today. All the songs had to deal with love and missing their loved ones type of songs. They wonder if that was a clue of things to come (comp related or another phone call from a loved one, etc etc.)

Talk turns to when BB will end this season. They all originally thought it would be the 21st (and so did I because that is what was originally scheduled, it was recently switched to the 16th about 2 weeks ago.)

Dan: "The fish food only goes up to the 16th.."
Memphis: "Ya I noticed that, too."

Keesha is happy about the possibility of getting out earler than expected. They all bring up the picture in the middle of the Memory Wall and wonder why there's not a HG picture in it.

Dan: "Maybe there was supposed to be 14 houseguests this season but 1 bailed out."

Keesha: "NOTHING in this house is by accident. Everything has a purpose."

11:55am BBT:
Jerry just got his HOH camera and told the girls to "get pretty" and fast because he only has 1 hour. Renny obviously doesn't give a shit because she's in the bathroom mixing hair dye and it about to do her hair (which I'm sure will take more than an hour. lol)

Stay tuned...