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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Overnight Report: (pics)

I am so happy that I get to do a full Overnight Report..yayy!! :-D lol It's been about a week due to the HG's being boring.

Shortly before 11pm last night, the HG's all had a great time! It started with Memphis & Dan hanging Keesha's bras in the 60's room (see previous post for pics), and then everybody eventually made their way into the bedroom.

Keesha was pretending to be April and was asking Dan "Do you wanna touch my boobs??" Jerry made it known that he knows how to grab boobs (from the April incident):

Next up...PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! :-D

I don't even remember how it was started..I think it was Renny who tackled Keesha on her bed with a pillow if my memory serves me right. The whole thing happened so fast & it was really hilarious to watch on the feeds! :-D

It was kinda weird when Jerry joined in...I can't really explain it, it was just..weird. lol :-P

11:20pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys were talking about their girlfriends and Memphis mentioned how he can barely even remember what Ashley looks like..not really, but you know what he means. He went on to tell Dan how much he just can't wait to see her.

Talk turns about production (briefly before BB interrupted them):
Dan: "The producers probably really try and make it sound like it's up in the air all week. They're always asking what the benefit is to keeping somebody. 'Why is it good to keep so-and-so?"

Memphis: "Ya I know! And it's like, I have to sit there forever thinking of something."

Dan: "They're just trying to make a good show. The people who watch the feeds will know, though."

BB: "Dan! You are not allowed to talk about production."

Yep Dan, we know! We've all seen the bullshit edits on tv.

Chatter then turned to game talk, but just for a moment and I think I can see where Dan's head is:

Dan told Memphis that he thinks Keesha would be better in the comps than Renny/Jerry. It almost sounded like he was trying to test the waters with Memphis to get Keesha out this week, but we won't know until tomorrow's show when they show the Diary Room sessions. Memphis said that he thinks they can beat Keesha in anything physical and didn't seem to worried about Keesha (possibly) being in the Final 3 with them.

Okay, so that's it for the Overnight Report! :-D

Stay tuned...