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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Good evening, ya'll!! :-D

The afternoon proved to be as boring as predicted. Nothing happened, no game talk was had. Blahh.

So, who saw the Tuesday Night CBS show, raise your hand! *raises hand* The POV comp was funny (morphing 2 HG's to form a baby picture lol) Man, there were some ugggggggly babies made!! LOL ;-)

I was really surprised at how close Memphis & Dan's times were..I believe it was 8 seconds apart. Poor Renny took nearly 24 minutes..shesh! lol

Okay, so the announcer guy at the end of the show said that we will FINALLY see the jury house on Thursday night!!! Thank the BB lord!! :-D Well overdue, in my opinion.

8:51pm BBT:
The HG's are all outside sitting on the backyard couch together.

BB gave them some wine & beer and the stories of their outside life are flowing. Keesha is talking about how she got her "weird shaped nose" (I never noticed it looking weird??!) Anyways, she had the habit as a kid of always pulling on it and that's how she got her nose...I still don't see anything wrong with her nose though so I have to no clue what the hell she's talking about. lol

8:53pm BBT:
Hahahahaha!!!! Everybody left Memphis on the couch with Jerry again!!! LOLLL

They did this to him last night, too. Memphis CANNOT STAND JERRY and his stories's literally driving him insane day by day. lol

10:01pm BBT:
Awww, they went back to the couch where Jerry & Memphis were. Dan is on the living room couch falling asleep. Again.

9:31pm BBT:
Storage Room

Keesha told the boys that Jerry was trying to get her on his side and she was mocking him and saying that she's not dumb; she knows that she's his only hope, etc. The sad part is, it would be in Keesha's best interest to side with him! lol

9:35pm BBT:
60's Room

They were fooling around with Keesha's bras and put 1 on the lamp and another one on the sign above her bed..

After a minute or two, the boys started to talk some game.

Memphis told Dan that even if it was beneficial for Keesha to side with Jerry, she would probably never do it for the simple fact that she can't stand him.

9:45pm BBT:

Dan offered Keesha some more pudding and then slammed it into her face! lol

She chased him all over the backyard.

9:50pm BBT:

The boys are looking for more moths to feed to the spider in the backyard, but they can't find any moths tonight.

Memphis: "What the hell?? There's no moths out tonight?"
Dan: "Maybe the moth we captured yesterday warned his friends."

Okay ya'll, I'm going to watch the feeds for a little while longer and then I'll be back in the morning with an Overnight Report!! :-D

Stay tuned...