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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morning/Early Afternoon:

The morning was rather uneventful. Jerry did his usual "I've been there before! I've done that before!" talking and after he left the backyard couch, Memphis & Keesha went on a "I can't f'ing STAND HIM!!" rant for about 30 minutes. lol

Keesha: "You do realize that we have at least another week of him being in here!"
Memphis: "Oh my god..I know."

12:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

I was so damn excited when I finally started to hear some game play!!!! I was like "Oh!! Oh!! Game talk!!!" lol It's been DAYS since there's been any game talk, I almost forgot that I was watching the Big Brother feeds and not the "People in a house that are bored" feeds. ;-)

Okay, so here's the scoop:
Jerry, knowing that he can't play for HOH on Thursday, is preping Keesha to not only WIN hoh this week, but to get her on his side. Jerry tells Keesha that they need to "break up" Memphis & Dan if they want a chance at winning the money (and he's exactly right.) Jerry also tells Keesha that in the end, she's going to need another person to side with her, as Memphis/Dan will not take her to the end of the game.

Jerry: "What choice do I have but to defend and support you. You know my intentions can only be one way. You have to win HOH, it's our only chance, otherwise we'll be on the block. If you win HOH, by putting both Memphis/Dan up ,we will get rid of one of them, no matter what."

Keesha explained to Jerry that may not be the case if one of them wins the POV. Jerry says "we have to win HOH and POV." and Keesha agreed.

1:04pm BBT:
60's Room

Renny points out to Keesha that there is a "reason" why Memphis took Dan off the block and to not be blind to that reason (that they have an alliance).

1:18pm BBT:
Dan is still sleeping, Renny is putting on makeup, Keesha is in her bikini ready to go poolside.

Jerry is laying on the couch in the living room. Memphis is already in the pool just sitting around. Keesha just joined him poolside and they're talking about a luxury comp and how it's not gonna happen at this point. Chatter turns to how BB is a "month too long".

1:24pm BBT:
Memphis said that he can't imagine coming back for an All Stars. Keesha says that it's harder the first time around probably, and that they'd know what to expect the 2nd time around. Memphis says that he wants to do Survivor.

Okay kids, I gotta get offline to finalize some papers for the house we're trying to buy and it seems that chatter has turned into anything but game play again. lol

Be back laterzzz! ;-)

Stay tuned...