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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Overnight Report (lite edition)

Goood morning, everybody!! :-D

Last night in the BB house, once again, as alive as a cemetary. There wasn't much of anything that happened, but there was a couple of things worth mentioning..and being that I missed doing the Overnight Report the past few mornings, I decided to do a "lite version". lol ;-)

The only game talk last night was between Keesha & Renny and it was very brief.

Renny: "It's no fun being on the block with you, by the way."
Keesha: "You think you're leaving, don't you?"
Renny: "Ya. Why would anyone keep me? Come on!"
Keesha: "Why would they keep me?"
Renny: "What are you talking about, Keesha? You're probably gonna be in the final 3! They're voting Jerry's ass out!"

Meanwhile, Memphis & Dan were in the backyard keeping themselves busy with being obsessed about a spider & the huge spiderweb it has spun. The boys wanted to see what it would be like to throw a moth in the web and have the spider kill it.

They tried for about 30 mins trying to catch a moth and finally were successful and threw it in the web. Naturally, the spider killed it and nature took its course. Poor moth! :( Keesha was not too happy to hear of the moth's life coming an end and all at the hands of Memphis & Dan.

Later on, Memphis & Jerry were talking and when Jerry had to use the bathroom, Memphis used that as his way of escaping Jerry. lol Memphis went into the 60's room with everyone else and told them "I hate you all!" and laughed (for leaving him with Jerry alone. lol)

After Jerry was done using the bathroom (and not washing his hands as usual..ewww!), Jerry joined the others in the 60's room and sat on the bean bag chair, and then picked his nose and wiped it on the chair.

A little bit later, Dan sat on the same bean bag chair.

Keesha: "You might wanna get off the chair." (giggling)
Dan: "Why?"

Dan got up & threw the bean bag chair on Keeshas bed. They all told Dan about Jerry picking his nose & wiping it on the chair & they all laughed. Renny then pushed the chair more into Keesha. lol

That's pretty much all that happened last night. The HG's spent most of their time playing card games and trivia games (ex: "Where would you like to travel?", etc)

Exciting, aye? :-P

And this concludes your Overnight Report!! ;-)

As of 10:03am BBT:, the HG's are still are snoozing away!

Stay tuned...