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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

Jerry is going around taking his HOH pics, regardless if Renny was camera-ready or not. lol

Renny put some saran wrap on her head and then a hat to hide her hair that she's in the process of coloring right now.

Jerry had the 4 line up outside for a group shot:

2:10pm BBT:
Dan was staring at the Memory Wall and kept saying "Show me the twist" over and over again.

Dan: "What is the twist? I'm going to pull this key out and you're going to show me. Show me the twist, show me the twist..Twist Me.

Dan: "Who's coming in? Maybe someone is coming in that has never been here?"

Memphis joins Dan in the kitchen area and Dan showed him what he was doing. Memphis laughed at him.

Dan: "Hey, it was worth a try."

Stay tuned...