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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Evening in the BB House:

The afternoon was very slow in the BB house, until about 4:45pm BBT.

4:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys were talking about what the Final 3 Comps will be like (endurance/physical/mental). Dan said that they will have to work some deals with Jerry, swindle him out of the Final 2. No talk of Keesha at all.

Dan: "If we decide to keep Jerry, can we at least get his $4,000 from him?"

They then start talking about the different comps & who won which comps between Jerry and Keesha, who did well in which comps. They seemed to be weighing out the options.

Dan: "We need to make sure this is the right decision."
Memphis: "Keesha is a faster thinker than Jerry, it takes Jerry alot longer to do things."
Dan: "It's scary, it's a huge decision. It doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but it might make big difference, you never know. This is the one time in the game that Jerry doesn't feel safe in the house."
Memphis: "That's because there's alot more riding on this one."

Memphis sees Jerry as being the easiest to beat. Dan says he doesn't know, that might not be the case, things don't always work out the way you think.

Memphis: "Anything half physical, Jerry will go out first."


Memphis: "The odds are in our favor."
Dan: "It's up to us to screw it up. If you had Keesha and Jerry going head to head, who would you put your money on to win?"
Memphis: "Keesha."
Dan: "That's it man."

They leave the HOH room and head down to eat dinner that Jerry cooked.

6:29pm BBT:
The HG's are now off of lockdown and are enjoying the backyard. Memphis & Dan are in the pool chilling out, and Keesha is nearby on a lounger watching & chatting with the boys about various (non-game related) topics. Jerry is sitting on the weight bench also joining the conversations.

6:50pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis are done swimming...

..and head inside. Dan & Keesha go into the 60's room to lay down. Jerry remained outside alone.

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door."

Fishies on all 4 feeds.

6:55pm BBT:
Lockdown is over.
Dan goes to the hot tub and starts to fill it up with water with the garden hose.

Memphis stayed in the kitchen for a couple mintues after Dan left and just now joined Dan outside. Memphis looks like he has alot on his mind but is trying to play it off so it's not obvious.

8:20pm BBT:
Living Room

Dan & Jerry have been in the living room for a while now, not really talking, just chilling out, when all of a sudden...

BB: "Did you know that 7inch records were typically played at 45 revolutions per minute"

Dan: "We haven't had one of those in a while."

BB has been saying trivia stuff like that all season long, but it's been a few weeks or so since the last time that I heard them on the feeds.

Keesha just woke up from her daily nap. She's complaining how bored she is.

Dan: "You can shave my neck in a little bit! That's not boring. Or you can listen to my CD if you want.."

Keesha: (giggles) "No thanks."
Dan: "There's only so many options, Keesha." (laughs)
Keesha: "I know there is, Dan."

Stay tuned...


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