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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

The HG's have been speculating (for the past 30+ mins) about the trip that they could win.

6:58pm BBT:
Living Room
Final 4

Keesha: "I just hope it's a trip that lasts a couple of days."
Jerry: "But you gotta think of how it could impact the game (like the letter says)."
Dan: "Ya, two people away from the house for two days?"

Dan, sweetie..nobody is going away for 2 days! lol ;-)

The HG's are making pizza and Jerry is shouting to BB about how bad he wants beer.

Jerry: "Us men want some BEER!!! The women got wine last night, but no beer!"
Memphis: "Jerry, you're starting to sound like Michelle."

LOL ;-)

7:06pm BBT:
Lockdown is over and everyone except Jerry heads outside. Jerry is baking the pizza for dinner.

Jerry just went to the Storage Room to see if there was beer and/or wine and BB didn't let him in. (Wonder if they're stocking the S.R. of alcohol.)

7:35pm BBT:
More talk about what tomorrows luxury comp will be and what the trip could be & where to.

Everyone is in the kitchen area eating pizza.

And the prank war continues!!!
Dan waited outside the Diary Room door for Keesha to come out so that he could scare her, and he got her pretty good! lol

Stay tuned...

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