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Thursday, August 14, 2008

After the show:

Wow! Wow! WOW!!! So Renny is the new HOH and if I was a betting a woman, I'd bet that April will be put on the block this week!! :-D

If you don't have the feeds yet, you might wanna get them this week, it's going to be INSANE!!!!

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Memphis is happier than horseshit right now and so is Keesha!

Dan is playing it cool and calm in front of everyone, but with Keesha & Memphis in the Spa Room, he was CLEARLY happy!!

Jerry looks scared.

April is already putting on her fake act.

Keesha & Memphis talked privately about April & Ollie. Memphis said that the game is about change..big time!! (Yes it is, indeed!)

Off the topic of nominations, Memphis said that he's going to switch beds. He's going to take the waterbed next to Keesha (Libra's old bed) because the cowboy bed he's been sleeping in has been very uncomfortable. Keesha & Memphis will be the only ones in the bedroom for the week (Renny of course will move to the HOH room tonight.) I wonder if this will help Keesha & Memphis' alliance. They are the two brains of the house. Together, they can do alot of damage! :)

In the Spa Room:

Memphis: "I looked over and winked at you."
Keesha: "Ya, we looked right at each other. It couldn't have gone any better!"

Michelle walks in and they make fun of her shirt because she matches the wall in the Spa Room. lol

Keesha & Dan are alone and talking about how Renny will put up April, no doubt about it!!!

On a side note: Am I the only one who totally sees chemistry between Keesha & Memphis??? I can't be the only one!! The way they're always looking at each other..they way they hang out...the things they tell each other..I don't know but I would totally love to see Memphis crawl on Keesha in the middle of the night for a "I can't pretend to not be attracted to you anymore" kiss!!

But..they both have a significant other and they both speak very highly of them. So I doubt that will happen. A girl can dream, can't she? ;-)

In the kitchen @ 6:49pm BBT:

They're all talking/wondering about the Food Comp tomorrow. They can't wait to get off of slop tonight at midnight BBT. Memphis interrupts and says "I want a boat." and he hopes for a luxury comp this week. Keesha & Michelle hope that they will have a clothing luxury comp.

Dan joins them in the kitchen and says that they've all worn their outfits over & over again by now.

Stay tuned...