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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Live Eviction Episode:

Okay everyone, here we go!!! Libra will (most likely) be evicted and then we will get a new HOH in the house!!! Let's hope that it's either Keesha/Memphis/Renny/Dan!!

The Chat Room is open, so go ahead & chat away! :-D (No registration required.) I'll be popping in & out of it as I blog tonight's live show.

**Show Has Started**

They just did a recap of the whole week.

"Good evening, it's Day 38 in the house."

"Michelle pinned friend (Libra) against friend (Keesha)."

CBS is now giving the viewers at home false hope by making them think that Libra might somehow stay in the house.

Showing Jerry's speech..
Libra: "Big Brother is not a game of honor! This isn't the Marines!"
Renny: "When Jerry makes personal attacks, it makes him look worse than Dan!"

Michelle & Memphis in HOH Room:
Memphis: "What the hell is wrong with that guy [Jerry]?"

He can't believe he called Dan "Judas" and Memphis said if Jerry went after him like that, he would have flipped out.

Dan was faking being really sad in the house to get sympathy.

April & Ollie talking about how Keesha is getting away with murder in the house and pinning it all on Libra.

April: "It's because I'm prettier than her!"

Memphis to Keesha: "I got you. I'd jump in front of a bullet for you."

Memphis & Dan talking about an alliance together. "The Renegades."

Ollie/April talking about getting the "4th vote" to get Keesha out instead.
Ollie talks to Libra saying that they need Dan for the 4th vote, it's the only way.

Libra talks to Dan and asks for his vote. He says he needs more information & that he'll think about it.

Next up, Libra's family will answer some questions.


They're doing a whole snip-bit on Libra talking about her kids & talking to Libra's family and what they think about all the negative comments (OMG her kids are TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! :-D ) Her husband seems super nice.

Julie is now talking to Dan about his religion being brought into the game. He says as soon as he gets out of the house, he's going straight to confession. Julie asks Jerry if he stands by the "Judas" remark, he said "somewhat".

Julie asks Memphis about his reaction to Dan being called Judas. Now Julie is talking to Renny.

Julie: "Who in the house has surprised you the most?"
Renny says they are all unique and etc etc. Her answer is sweet, yet safe.


Julie is talking to Michelle in the HOH room. She asks for her status of her & April's relationship. Michelle kind of rambled, but basically said they're friends.

She said she loves her parents and etc. She loved the letter they sent.

"Who will be leaving the house? Libra or Keesha?"

Time for the votes!!!

The Votes:
Renny votes to evict...Libra
Memphis votes to evict...Libra
Jerry votes to evict...Libra
Dan votes to evict...Libra
*It's Official, Libra is gone.*
Ollie votes to evict...Libra
April votes to evict...Libra

Julie is revealing that Libra is evicted..

"By a vote of 6-0, Libra, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."

(Smiles & hugs & goodbye's all around.)

Libra tells them all to enjoy the game and that it's fun.

All HG's inside are rather quiet and waiting for the HOH comp. Keesha & Jerry just hugged (she thanked him).

Julie & Libra are talking. Libra is handling herself very classy & very upbeat. :) Amazing how much a person can change when they are locked in a house for such a long time.

Libra said it was "all about the challenge". Now she listens to the goodbye messages. (All of them were nice, of course. Renny's was straight from the heart though and very warm.)

UP NEXT: The HOH Comp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The HOH comp looks like it is a Question/Answer comp.


..and we're back!

"Diary Room Confessions" is the name of the game. None will give away any secrets, though. They can eliminate a HG if they stay in the game! NICEE!!!!! :-D

Renny got her question right and eliminated APRIL!!! :-D Hahahahah!!!
Dan got his question right..and eliminated Jerry (I'm LOVING this!!)
Ollie got his question wrong and got eliminated.
Memphis got his question wrong and got eliminated.
Dan got his question wrong and got eliminated.

It's down to Keesha & Renny. Renny rings in first and with the correct answer...that means...

The New HOH is:


Oh my gawwd, the house is gonna get FLIPPED!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!!!

w00t w00t!!!

This week is gonna be the BEST FREAKIN' WEEK on the live feeds yet!! I guarantee it!!! :-D

**End of Show**

Stay tuned...