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Friday, August 15, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Goooooooood morning!!! :-D I got my coffee ready & I have the Overnight Report ready, so here we go!!

Your Overnight Report:

Last night, April finally got her 5 designer dresses:

I don't think any of the houseguests wanted to be there as she was unwrapping all the boxes, but they all put on their fake smiles and got through it. A couple hours later, April ended up going into Keesha's bedroom and said that it was Renny's night and didn't like that Big Brother had her open up her gifts so soon after Renny won HOH.

Memphis immediately goes into the Spa Room and into the sauna looking both frustrated and sad at the same time. Keesha walked in and sat down in the massage chair next to the sauna with a bowl of food.

Memphis: "A girl [April] who wears Hollister jeans all day long..gets designer clothes." (looks disgusted)

Memphis is a big designer buff and said that his girlfriend wears the same designer clothes all the time.

Keesha: "They're VERY Hollywood! They're nice!"
Memphis: "That's what my girlfriend wears. Could you imagine if I won? I'd get designer suits! ARGHH!!!"
Keesha: "I know! It's hard [to not be sad]."
Memphis: "She can wear those designer dresses as she walks out the door this week. Bye Bye, April!!"

Switch cameras to:
HOH Room

Renny wants to put up April, but is scared to make enemies.

Michelle: "At this point in the game, you're going to make enemies no matter what."

Renny says that her target is April this week!!

Renny: "She's unstoppable!"

Plus April never liked Renny, and vice versa.

She wants to put up Jerry because he put her up the 1st week for no reason. She wants to return the favor. lol

Renny then asks Michelle who she personally wants to see gone this week..

Michelle: "Mmmmmm, April."

Michelle then gives Renny some good advice:

Michelle: "Put up 2 HG's that you know the house will want to vote out so that you don't have to get the votes or have to count on people to vote them out."

Renny, a little drunk at this point, kept saying how much she loves Michelle and that she wants to be in the Final 2 with her (HUH??) and that she really respects her. Michelle returns the compliments and adds that she loves that Renny isn't a "bullshitter." just like she is.

They leave the room and join the others downstairs.

60's Room:

Renny is still drinking...

..and Keesha notices she has a buzz going.

Keesha: "You have a buzz, don't you? I'm jealous!! No I'm not, I'm happy for you, actually."

Renny leaves, Memphis enters.

They talked for awhile about how quiet, calm, and peaceful the house is now that Libra is gone & there's only 8 of them in the house now.

Renny re-enters.

Renny: "So what do ya'll think?" (about who to nominate)
*Renny, drunk, starts dancing. lol*

Michelle comes in and asks Renny for the recipe for her homemade chicken nuggets:

*Half olive oil, Half Veg. oil in a pan on the stove.
*Cut up the chicken & dip them in a mixture of 2 eggs & a splash of milk.
*Roll the nuggets in flour (with a dash of salt & pepper) .
*Fry'em up!

Nobody gives Renny their opinions and shortly after, they all go their seperate ways.

Switch to Backyard:

They talk about how April needs to go this week, and Jerry after that. They're not really worried about Ollie at this point.

Memphis: "Once April is gone, Ollie is gonna be soooo freakin' lost in this game."

They recap the HOH comp and Keesha is very happy that Renny got it.

Memphis tells Keesha that he wants to take her to the end and wants to have an alliance with her. Memphis then says that he can't fully trust Dan.

Memphis: "He does some weird shit!"

Keesha tells Memphis that her & Renny, as close as they are, never sat down and made an alliance. She then asks Memphis if he has an alliance with Dan, and Memphis lies to her and says no.

Dan comes outside and tells them it is time to eat and they both fly off the couch and went into the kitchen to get some real food. They are no officially off of slop, but today they have a Food Comp, so that could change. lol

Well after the feast, April tried to butter up Michelle for a vote this week by giving her a pair of earrings that she recieved during with the 4 designer dresses. There was one pair of earrings that April wasn't too crazy about but Michelle like them, so I'm guessing it was that pair. lol Michelle accepted the earrings, cried happy tears (with the help from some wine she was drinking), and April told her to not tell anyone that she gave them to her.

And this concludes your overnight report. ;-)

Stay tuned...