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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Renny got her HOH room!! (pics)

Let me start by saying that I'm not one to cry (just not me), but when Renny got her HOH room, she cried so hard that I started to cry to! She went from happy to pure sadness (but happy to see her family!) in about 1 second flat. I'm positive they will show that on tv, and it'll bring a tear to your eyes as well, I'm sure.

She got a letter from home, a bottle of wine, some food, and some pictures of her husband and family!

..and this is possibly my favorite picture of the whole season:

Currently, it is 10:04pm BBT and the HG's are on outside lockdown. They're thinking (and so am I) that BB is giving them a smaller table. We shall see!!

Updated @ 10:06pm BBT:
The "surprise" wasn't a smaller table, April got her 5 designer dresses. Oh gawd, April is gonna be prancing around in the them and eating up all the attention again. *sigh*

Stay tuned...